Please help! Rearranging apps

Could someone please clarify how to rearrange apps on the home-screen from within the device itself? and also, how this process can be done using iTunes? Third, when browsing through the list of apps on my iPhone and iPad in iTunes, how do I open folders within which apps have been placed? I am using the latest version of iTunes and the latest version of JAWS on Windows XP. Thanks, I would really appreciate your help!


#1 Not sure about on the PC, but...

Double tap and hold on the app you want to move. That enables the move function. Then drag it where you want it to go. If you put one app on top of another, it will create a folder. If you put an app on an existing folder, it will be placed inside. Don't forget to hit the home key when you're done to get out of editing mode.

#2 Thanks. I did everything you

Thanks. I did everything you said, but for some reason, certain apps just don't want to be moved. It's very frustrating, so was hoping to move them in iTunes.

#3 Tutorial

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Hello, Not sure if this would help you or not. Here is a really nice tutorial that aI found on this site. I read through it and it was well done. It is a bit old but it still works the same way in our current IOS on your device. As for the PC. That is a whole different game. Honestly, I found using iTunes very difficult to use and with some practice that doing it on your device is much faster and easier. I'm sorry I couldn't help you in how to do this on the PC. I haven't had much luck with it. However, it doesn't mean it isn't possible and hopefully somebody will submit their comment here for you. Good Luck!

#4 Some things to consider

System apps can't be deleted, only move. ALso the news stand folder can't be placed in any other folder. SPeaking of Folders, a folder can have up to 12 applications if you're not jailbroken. If you try moving an app into a full folder, it just won't go in.

#5 A little trick

one of the easier ways to move a lot of icons into folders is to temporarily move one or all of your icons out of the dock, and place your folders in. This way you can swipe from page to page while dropping in your icons into the appropriate folders. also when moving folders the I O S will automaticly create an additional page at the far right so you can move your dock icons into here and collect them when your done. hth!

#6 Thanks everyone for all your

Thanks everyone for all your advice. I managed to move my apps around and place them into folders. It's really a process that takes some getting used to. And if anyone has information on doing this through iTunes or finds out anything, please pass it on!