problem with dictating on iphone 5S

The button to dictate only shows up in messages and notes, not in apps like logging in to BARD or Newsline. Blind friends tell me dictate works for them in those situations. Please help!
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Two finger double tap.

While I can't speak directly to the Apps you mentioned, when in an edit field try using a Two Finger Double Tap to automatically start Dictation.
When you have finished, a second Two Finger Double Tap will stop listening mode and send your information off for processing and to have your words read back.
Now I think of it, I cannot be certain that the Dictation feature works on Login or Password screens, and, unfortunately do not have my phone handy to test. So be aware that this may be the cause of your problem.
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Dictation on iPhone

Hi, there's also a dictate button at the bottom left-hand. And as for music dictation and password that is not dual. I hope this helps

Hi Katherine,

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Hi Katherine,
one point to watch out for when dictating is the selected keyboard.
If you have multiple keyboards installed then the availability of the dictation function depends on the currently selected keyboard.
If yu have the Emoji keyboard enabled there is no dictation feature available.
Same holds for situations in which you are not conneccted to a data network by any means.

Dictating with the iphone

While I've only had the iphone for two months, I've been able to find the dictate button on my phone and dictate usernames in which I know it would work. I use the default keyboard, and even tried the touch typing which is kind of cool. I've not used dictation for passwords, so don't know if that would even work.

using the dictation feature on iPhone


If the dictation on the iPhone isn't working for a specific
application, do the following.

1. Double tap the home button twice to get in to your app switcher.
2. when your in the app switcher, you will see a list of apps that are running in the backround.
3. when you find the app you want to close, swipe up with 3 fingers and the app will close.
4. Once the app is closed, press the home button again, to exit the app switcher, then re-open the app and see if that fixes the problem.



For security reasons, it is

For security reasons, it is not possible to dictate into password fields. It also does not seem to be possible to dictate into e-mail address fields, probably because of various complexities inherent in e-mail addresses.

IPhone five

Hello, while this is true in some instances it does work and get the address correctly. For instance I could say JH UD and they are thing that will happen is it will put a capital. Than that everything else is correct.