Problem with the facebook Messenger App.

Is anyone else having this particular issue with the facebook Messenger app? None of the buttons after the edit field in which you type a message are labeled. This started for me after I updated the app last month. Others I've talked to say that, for them, the buttons are still labeled, but for me, they're not, and at least one of the buttons, the one that allows you to send a voice message instead of a text, isn't locatable at all. Is this a universal problem with the app as it now stands? Or will I need to uninstall and reinstall the app to fix this issue?


Facebook Messenger

Hi, I've just checked. on V99 which was released this week everything for me is fine. IOS10.1.1 iPhone 6s all buttons are clearly labelled.

This is a problem that has

This is a problem that has been presented to the iPhone with a screen of four inches as the iPhone 5S and the iPhone SE.
All of us have to inform our developers for immediate correction.

Happening on my iPad

The same thing you are experiencing is also occuring on my iPad Mini.

Same here

I have that problem as well.
A weerd thing though.
It only happens when i am using my account.
But one time my girlfriend use my phone and she says its fine

all your data

Won't all your data (password, account info, etc) be gone encluding your friends list?

I'd check into it, to make sure before deleting & reinstalling. I'm wondering the same about Facebook.

So I'm not crazy

It started for me about 2 versions ago. I've tried reinstalling the app to no avail. Same problem occurs.

Installed Facebook Messenger Yesterday, buttons aren't labelled

I installed Facebook Messenger yesterday as I am a brand-new Facebook user. Almost none of the buttons appear to be labeled for VO support. In addition, if one accidentally activates the button for "stickies", it is very difficult to remove the display of stickies from the screen so one can actually continue to enter text while in a text conversation. Finally, when my wife turned off VO to try to help the Messenger app crashed. I can also get it to crash after re-starting it without VO active and then activating VO.
I'm using an iPhone Six plus with the latest IOS released, just installed over last weekend.


This appears to be account specific, similar to some other things that Facebook has rolled out. For whatever reason, Facebook rolls out certain changes to different accounts over time, which explains why some people will have an issue, and others won't. A friend of mine who had the issue for weeks, mentioned that it fixed itself a few days ago; so maybe it will reverse for others who have the same problem.

have the same problem

have the same problem with messenger the send button and a few others that were used to be labeled aren't right now.