question about accessible games to play with sighted people

Hi all, wondering if I can pick the communities brains over a question I have.
I have recently begun chatting to someone sighted online, it turns out that she quite likes games, so I would like to find some accessible games to play with her, obviously being sighted audio games are not really an option given that sighted people seem to need visual stimulation to enjoy games.
The other factor that complicates things is that she is an android user, so any game that is accessible would need to be playable between an android and ios device, now obviously luckily I am the one on ios so as long as its accessible to me that's the main thing. But because I need a game to be cross platform playable I am really not sure of any games to suggest, my first thought is maybe some kind of word games as I can't think of anything else that is likely to be accessible.
However any suggestions for any games at all would be appreciated.



Diceworld. You could play it both on ios and android devices. I'm not sure for trivia crack kingdoms but I'm not sure if its made for other platforms.

Hi thanks for the suggestion,

Hi thanks for the suggestion, regarding diceworld though is there any skill to it? I must admit I haven't tried diceworld but that's because I thought that most of the games in it are about luck rather than skill and if its a case of sitting and hoping numbers will come up I suspect she could lose interest rather quickly. I was kind of hoping for some games with skill or elements of strategy rather than just random luck, word or spelling would be good but not something that is totally luck based. after all if dice world is all about luck I might as well just sit rolling dice haha.

Yes trivia crack kingdoms is

Trivia Crack Kingdoms on Play Store:

Hi thanks for the trivia

Hi thanks for the trivia crack recommendation will look into it, so am I right in my thinking on dice world that its mostly luck based etc?