question about airpods charging case

Hi all, I just got my new airpods today because of being fed up with wired headphones either breaking or lightning ones having very poor companion apps in terms of accessibility.
I found the setup process quite painless and got it to work first time, the airpods themselves seem to work great, though I have noticed some lag of maybe a second or two when typing, not when navigating the phone just when typing, this lag is especially noticeable if I am typing into a Bluetooth keyboard and sound is being relayed through my airpods, but then I guess maybe I shouldn't be surprised given that the phone is having to do things over two sets of Bluetooth devices, still might email apple accessibility as the lag is a little annoying especially compared to when using wired headphones.

Anyway my reason for writing is because I have a question about the charging case, I have it plugged in with the airpods inside, now the status when I open the case says the case is at 100 percent, but it says charging. So I am wondering is this normal, does it ever stop saying charging on the status box? the reason I ask is that if say I plug my iPhone into charge if I leave it long enough it says for a bit 100 percent charging, but if I leave the phone plugged in long enough it says 100 percent on AC power for the battery. I am wondering does the airpods charging case do something similar.

One final question, since paring the phone with my airpods I have noticed a new rotor option appear called audio destination, what does this rotor option do? and am I right in thinking there is no way to remove it from my rotor? its not listed in the rotor area when I can add and remove items, and it seems to be present on my rotor regardless of if I am using the airpods or not.


audio destination

The audio destination rotor option shows up with any bluetooth audio device connected to your iPhone. It's supposed to let you switch audio output between your bluetooth device and your phone. This worked wonderfully in iOS9, but it doesn't work correctly in iOS10. If you switch the audio output back to the phone and then try to switch back to your headphones, it doesn't switch back. You have to either do it from control center or reconnect your headphones. Very annoying at times.

Charging case

Hi! Yes the charging case will always do that. I'm not sure why, but for some reason that's what it does. Hopefully you're enjoying your new airPods. I love mine!

there good, though noise

there good, though noise isolation could be much better, and also typing messages with them is really not a pleasant experience there is a noticeable lag regardless of if I am typing with a Bluetooth keyboard or directly with braille screen input, so actually if I have anything to type I do use wired headphones, though I must admit it is quite liberating being able to lie in bed listening to things without wires, also loudness is not great I can hear fine but to really be able to appreciate plays and things I listen to I have to turn volume to %100 to even get it to sound how I like to listen to wired headphones and even then I still think I can hear more detail on wired. I would be very reluctant to use these full time as go to earphones. also I don't use wired headphones on full volume, certainly less than half but I guess them sounding quiet I down to how airpods rest in your ears rather than fitting in nicely.