question about echofone.

hey all,
I heard about echofone from someone on twitter. I thought I'd try it, because I don't care for the main twitter app, and it has things I could use, such as quiet mode, Etc. Is it me, or can the home timeline not be read with voiceover? it plays the sound, like the clicks when you flick through, but nothing is actually read. does anyone have any luck with this app, or will I have to use twitterific? don't get me wrong, I am not bashing twitterific, I just like the quiet mode, and the fact I can set a time for it to go quiet. sure, I can use DND, but I don't want to block every single alert. My phone is a four S, running latest IOS seven. Thanks in advance.


I have never used Echofon.

I have never used Echofon. Tweetlogix, though, I'm pretty sure has quiet mode on it. It's similar to TweetList (remember that app)?
I could have swarn Twitterrific had quiet mode too, but maybe not.