Question about facebook app

How do I find my groups using the facebook app on my phone? I want to post a message to one but I can't find how to do it with the app.

Greg Wocher


More complicated than it should be

It's under your "Facebook Menu" tab. There's a choice for shortcuts, and "groups" is listed in that list once you expand by double clicking. Going in there you should see all the groups you've joined.

It’s simple for me

To access a list of your groups: double tap the groups tab at the bottom centre after launching Facebook, then double tap the “your groups” button on the top left. There you will see a list of all your groups along with information about the latest posts.

there's anoter way

There's another way to post to groups. You can go to the what's on your mind & tap the option to newsfeed option. Then you can switch to a group.