Question about iCloud drive


I haven't upgraded my Mac to OS X Yosemite yet, but I'm going to soon when I have time. I only have a 60 GB Macbook Air 2012 moddle, and quite a lot of my storage has been taken up by audio. The majority of it is taken up by whatever "other" is in the about this Mac storage information, but the second most is music. If I was to put some of my music onto iCloud drive, would it still be possible to sync it onto my iPod? It's an iPod Nano so can't access iCloud Drive on that, but would the music still sync to it as technically they are still on my Mac just an intograted online drive. That's the way I see it anyway.



iCloud drive

I wasn't aware that iCloud drive could be used on earlier version of OSX. Interesting.

It can't

It can't be used on older versions, I was just asking so I know for when I update.