Question about the Just Press Record app

Hi guys,
I have a question about the Press To Record app which was recommended on the app recommendations part of this site a couple of weeks ago.
I believe the app is a brilliant idea and has several advantages over other accessible recording apps. One of these is the ability to produce a text version of a recording, excellent for me as a Ph.D student currently doing some semi-structured interviews.
However, my question is about how to get the text version of the recording from the app to an e-mail attachment or to some kind of transfer software such as Dropbox?
I can find a tab that takes me to Icloud drive but I don't know where to go from there. I thought I could go to the new Files app but when I try to look at what is in the files directory it is empty. Some help here would be appreciated and step by step would help me greatly.

Thank you,




Either copy it or tap the share button and there should be an option to share transcription.

Thanks Sabrina

Hi Sabrina,
Easy when you know how isn't it! I was distracted by Icloud drive and missed the share button which if you don't feel the whole screen, you miss.
The results are interesting though. My interviews are about an hour long and to have the text copied straight into the body of an e-mail is strange as the file is so big.
I would rather you were given the option to attach the transcription as an text attachment which you can then transfer into MS Word and format. I think I'll send feedback to the producer and see what they come back with.
Thanks again,