Question About MacBook Air Charger


I got a mac book air yesterday, and I am loving it. The only thing I can't figure out is the charger. Why do I have two cords? i have the one that plugs in to the mac book, and another one that doesn't appear to plug in to anything.

Thanks for any answers.



One chord has three prongs at the end you plug into the wall. The other end of that chord plugs into the box that is connected to the other end of the wire that plugs into your computer. Both chords are necessary to charge the computer. It has to connect to your wall which has AC power. The power is then converted to direct current which then goes through the chord and charges your laptop. So Both chords are necessary to charge the computer being that you plug the 3 prong chord into the wall the other end goes into the dc converter, then you plug all of that into your mac book. I hope this clarifies things for you.


That makes sense. Thanks.

Another question

How do you put the cords together the ends do not match up.

The chord that goes into the

The chord that goes into the wall has a plug that fits into the charger only one way. It's hard to explain it in writing, just flip the end of the cord that goes into the wall and try to stick it, carefully, mind you, into the charger, if it doesn't fit, flip the end and try it again. You might have to use a slight amount of force to get it connected, but it should go.

less complicated

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Actually, the chord that fits to the laptop can power the machine. There are two prongs that fold out of one corner of the square plastic transformer on the other end. However, if the chord is not long enough, the other (thicker) chord can be used to extend it. To do this, pull the corner with the prongs from the square box on the cable, which will allow you to connect the other end of the thicker cable and lengthen the power chord. I prefer the longer cable myself, but if you have a charging area where you intend to leave the charger, it might not be necessary.


I just figured that out. Thanks

The other purpose

The other purpose this swapable end serves is to allow for international outlets. You can keep the same charger and simply swap out the end for whatever outlet you need, in whichever country you're in. The iPad chargers take the same swapable ends, and are interchangeable. See Apple's world travel kit if you ever need to purchase additional ends for your charger.