Question about the object library in Xcode

Hi all,
I am using the latest version of Xcode (Xcode 10) to develop my first IOS App. So, I went to the object library to add a labile to the canvas and I found it there.
Normally, I pressed the VO keys and the space bar to add the labile to the canvas to write anything. The Voiceover says "Add item to the canvas". I went to the canvas and I found nothing there.
I asked one of my friends who has low vision to help me and he told me that he just have to drag the labile from the library and drop it in the canvas. I tried many ways like marking the item to drag and drop but it doesn't work.
The template that I use is a single view app and the platform is IOS app.
Also the device that I use is Mac book bro 13 inch 2017 and the MacOS version is 10.14.1 Mojave.


Copy and paste?

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Have you tried copying the element with cmd-c, and pasting it with cmd-v? In your storyboard group in the editor, be sure to show the outline so you have a table of your entire UI. Then find the view in which you want this new element, and press cmd-v to paste. That should add the element to the view.

Thank you

Thank you very much. I copied the label and pasted it there. Now I can continue developing my first app. Thank you.

Alternative method

Hello. There is an article on AppleVis about using Xcode you may find interesting. I strongly recommend you read it. It will make a lot of things clear. But to your question. You can use a variation of the guide on connections to use library. It's no longer next to inspector. This is why I recommend that part.
I've set up VoiceOver in such a way, that the mouse follows VO cursor. To use your example, this is what you could do:
1. Open the library and find UI element you want.
2. VO+Cmd+Space on it. You would hear a swishing sound.
3. VO+F2+F2 to change window back to the main window.
4. Interact with the outline table and find a view in witch an element should be.
5. Go to the button just to the right of the name of this view and press VO+Cmd+Space to release the mouse. The sound should stop.
At this point the control should be added at the bottom of the view, not the entire table. And it will not add, if you want to drag it illegally somewhere it does not belong.
Ti: Sometimes copying and pasting items in storyboards can have unexpected consequences, so this alternative may be helpful.
Hope you are making great progress. Oh, by the way, what book are you using? Or what tutorial?


Pasting Objects

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It should be noted that sometimes pasting an object to the outline will over write the content view. You can also move vo to the content view in the canvas and vo-space on it. Then you can paste with command-v.

Mouse cursor

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Having mouse always follow voiceover can cause problems. Note that if you have "show voiceover cursor" checked in voiceover utilities/visuals/cursor, the mouse will automatically follow vo when the mouse is locked down and you will git the useful swishing sound as you drag.