question about pages

Good afternoon. I have a MacBook pro. I am writing books. Is there a way to open a blank document in pages and just beging writing? Can you double space the file? Can you save a file in a different format so it can be read on a windows computer? Thank you.


If you choose blank document

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If you choose blank document in the template chooser, you should be good to go. You can doublespace a file in the formatter. Documents can be exported to PDF, Word, plain text, and ePub.


If you're working with long-form writing such as novels, you may want to check out Scrivener, as well. There's a very generous 30-day trial (30 days of actual use) so you should have plenty of time to decide if it's useful to you.

text edit

Is text edit another option. If so, how do you format and save the file as a word file?

text edit

Text edit is another option. To save your document as a word file. First press command s to save the document. Next tab to the format popup and then press vo space bar. Next use the up or down arrow keys to find either word 2007.doc or word 97.doc an then press vo space bar. Next tab to the save button and then press vo space bar. I will let you know text edit doesn't have a formater like pages but you can change the font and adjust the font size.

formatting, removing flash drive

Is there ashortcut command to double space a document written in pages? What is the command to safely remove a flash drive from a mac?