Questions regarding Haypi Monster

I have tried time and time again to work with Haypi Monster I keep running into issues, mainly dealing with the inability to double-tap anything. Right now, I am trying to synthesize, but once I select the Synthesis Scroll 1, i am unable to select the monsters. I hope I can play this game, it's just very frustrating.


Not easy

There are lots of unlabeled buttons and I could barely sign up and though some parts of the app are accessible, it is not useable, not by me at least. Sometimes the buttons for inventory is completely unlabeled and is not where the itenm name is. I tried this but gave up because it couldn’t work for me. This is sad because it seemed like a nice game. Actually one developer of haypi actually came on this forum and asked if we could help making it accessible, but I doubt they had ever tried opening the app with voiceover or anything, and then the person, Sunflower, actually apologized for stuff by sending several apologies with the same message, except the name. I think they won’t make this accessible any time soon. I was really interested in that other game, but all that happened was that the app opened into a text field and I couldn’t type in it or anything. Haipy Monster is more accessible, yes, that’s true, but it is far from accessible.


Thanks for the help, Sabrina. I've been trying this off and on for about 4 years now. I do wish this would be made accessible, but it seems that won't ever happen.

Playable for me

I can play it, but with a few struggles. I'm level26 on the game and I'm pretty far along.
Some tips though for you guys, that I'd be glad to give out:
In the bag, Sabrina, there are I believe 6 items in each row. The following unlabeled buttons display those items starting from 1, and ending at 6, which means you should see six unlabeled buttons after the list of six items. You can also rearrange your bag by tapping the correctly labeled arrange button near the bottom of the screen.
About synthesis, things get a little tricky, because now with VoiceOver being able to read more on the screen, it reads everything in the previous dialog, along with the monster list.
Four finger single tap at the top of the screen and scroll down till you find the monster you want.
The first one you will synthesis is twiggy, and you need a bud and a to do this. Find either bud or maize and right next to it there will be a synthesis selection confirmation like button. Cliak it and that slot will say bud/maize rather than select.
Do the same thing with either monster, depending on who you chose, then tap the correctly labeled synthesis button.
A dialog should pop up. Locate the OK button, and select it. Collect the task and press ok for the new monster dialog.

Hope this helps.
Oh, and also, I've found this game to be more accessible with an iPhone rather than an iPad. Why I say this is because it seems most of the buttons that are unlabeled on the iPad version have been labeled in the iPhone version. Not correctly, but distingishably.


I just got the game again and I would need some tips and advice and tricks for accessibility, because if you are blind and are at level 26 this means that this must be playable. I see lots of things. Is this better in iPad or iPhone? Also, is this normally in landscape mode? How do I get started`? Sorry I ask so much. I assume there is a lot of touch explore. Thanks for making me give it another try.

I am lost

I am sorry I probably sound like stupid but I cannot for the little fragile life of me not actually find where my monsters are.


Are you past the tutorial? If so, it's much easier.

No I haven’t. I cannot figure

No I haven’t. I cannot figure out for the little, fading life of me how to get out of that tutorial and this is a pain in the neck.

Ok. Lets see here.

Ok. Lets see here.
This is the only thing I'll be able to do. Help you out of the tutorial via my end.
If you click on my applevis profile link, use the contact form and tell me what username you want. Then I can help from there.
Also, i am not a fan of sharing credentials, so i'll delete the email right after you are with the account. Then from there, i can help you without having to do it on my side.
Have a good day!


Thanks for your help Tunmi. I was able to select both Maize and Bud, and the synthesis button appeared. I tried pressing it, but it didn't work. There also was a please press synthesis button which was dimmed. I'm not exactly sure why it's not letting me press it, but hopefully this can be worked out.


This works for me now. I just have a few questions. Battles go fine, that is easy, but wich health point is where? And how can I see all my monsters? I already have an user because I signed up using my iPad instead of the iPhone and registered that way. I don’t know how the username is showed.


I actually had my staff get rid of the tutorial wich was a pain in my head, honestly, because there was just overlay on it or something I could see text and stuff but this wasn’t accessible. Now I can play just fine. It works great and I have started to learn how to battle.

Re: Tutorial.

Wow. This sounds like a fun game. Just for everyone's info, there are many Haypi Monsters entries, so be sure to download the right one, lol.

they don't all have the same name

They don't all have the same name though:
• Haypi Monster
• Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower, basically haypi monster 2.
• Haypi Monster for Venide, basically haypi monster, same layout and everything, but with different servers
• Haypi Monster Deutsch version, the german version of haypi monster.

Re: they don't all have the same name

Ah okay, thanks for that. A friend and I were like... what? I thought they were all the same. So should she download Haypi Monster, or the version 2 one?


How to

I am having trouble playing this game. I’m having trouble logging in can anyone help? I don’t understand this game I am completely blind is a playable?


I'm not exactly sure how exactly you log in, because I did that forever ago, but once you get past the tutorials (which are the bane of my existence), you should be ok.

Battle order

question: how do you change battle order? I'm on Miracle Sea, and I don't want Draco to lead. Instead, I want Twiggy. I can switch to him, but it's wasting a turn.

how to change battle order

1. Open the monster list.
2. navigate to the all button and flick left twice. You will run into an unlabeled button. Double tap it and this will take out draco.
3. Now that twiffy's first, navigate to draco and press the unlabeled button to the right of it. Now your team order is twiggy first and draco second.

more info

If you get past volcano which is after miracle sea, will receive an extra monster slot.
I have 4 monster slots because i invited three people with my inviter code. So if you have three monster slots, inviting three people will get you a fourth, which is the maximum amount of slots you can have.


Thanks for the help!

Sealing on Miracle Sea

One more minor question. When I try and seal a monster in Miracle Sea, I press Sealcard 2, but it says that I don't have enough coins. The weird thing is, I do have seal cards. Am I supposed to hit sealcard one instead? This app is getting easier and easier to use.


Wow Tunmi, I see you on there in the chat. I am Songflower. I don’t dare to chat but that is my name at least. I have gone through the eentire tutorial wich was a pain in the (somewhere) and am now playing. I understand things fine. I aam not sure how to see wich areas are unlocccked so I just go through them all to see wich is open. I do believe I have completed the jungle ones.


I hope someone can add me as a pal.
My code is "58TTE


Is this only when beginning or is it possible to add someone after creating the account or is this just invitor code? Just curious. Still don’t know wich level to play but I do believe the miracle sea comes after jungle. This game is actually very adictive. I cannot put it down. Thanks for letting me try this again and thanks for all the tips.


For some reason I cannot access my bag. There are one button before and one after but they are both unlabeled and I click them or the bag button and I cannot open the bag. Ah, will sort this out soon.

Another question

I have another question. How do I select the monsters before adventuring? Just wondering because right now I am playing with one level eleven and one level three and would like to switch that level 3 one because I need to work more on that.


The bag buttoctually the warehouse.


I see. I found it now. Thanks. My name on there is Songflower but I have no idea what code.


Oops it looks like I have two of the same and I cannot see the monster name in battles so this means I don’t know if it is something I had captured. Where do you get synthesis scrolls?


Hello. I have a very stupid but important question. How do I see what type my monsters are? I cannot find this anywhere.

Replies to many questions

Answer to sealing monsters:
Wrong button. That's if you want to seal the monsters with coins. You have to tap on ingame sealcard 1. Not 2. LOL
Answer about chat:
Yes, I'm usually in chat helping others.
Answer about opening bag:
There should be a warehouse button to view your bag.
Answer about types of monsters:
In the kknamester list there are 9 unlabeled buttons after the all button. Click each of the buttons. The buttons are layed out from 1 to 9 as follows.
When you click any of these, the monsters in that element will be the only ones shown.

I'll reply to the rest later. Hope this helps for now though. smiley face

Thanks Tunmi

Thanks for all the answers. I have labeled all the buttons for the monster types. I used VoiceOver labeling and this is working just fine because then I won’t have to memorize things. This makes it much easier to find it. And if anyone wants to add me as a friend, my name on there is Songflower. Wanted BreeSongflower but my VoiceOver read that quite aweful wich wasn’t fun. So I decided to change that, but now it sounds like flow er. Well, that¨s at least better. The tutorial was a nightmare but I had my staff go through it for me.


I have another question. Yes, I am the woman of questions. How can I see what monster I am facing? Because when I battle, I cannot seem to find what monster I am fighting but sometimes VoiceOver speaks the attacks and this is not all too reliable for me. Is there a way to see that? Sorry for asking a million questions but I love this game and want to play it as good as I can. Also the numbers for the different areas, are they how many levels I have done? For example when it says 10/30?

See the monster you are fighting

When you are fighting, at least, before the battle starts, you need to be quick. On the first bird like sound, it pops up which monster came into the battle arena. There should be two of these bird like sounds, o for your monster, and one for your opponent. If your opponent has a mystery talent (more about that later) you will hear an arcade like blip.

More info

Sorry, that reply was rushed.
You have to four finger tap to the bottom of the screen and it will say wich monster came into the arena. You have to do this twice to seer mon'er come in and your opponent come in.

Money and Breeding

I'm back again with more questions. First off, is there a way to see how much money you have at a certain point? Also, what items can you buy with money, and what ones can you buy with coins?
I'm also having difficulty breeding, due to the fact that I don't know the gender of my monsters. Is there a way to see this? Thanks.

Items and breeding

I cannot seem to find the gender either.
What are the crystal fragments for? And I know about the cards and the love potions but do not know how to use rune gems. I open chests just fine. But what are the gems and crystal fragments for?

Loaded dice

Also, are the loaded dice at all useful to us?

Crystal Fragment

Depending on your level, you need to turn in a specific type of crystal fragment or gem under the task window. The task is Daily Collection and then hit the Task bg button. From there, you should be fine.


At the bottom there is a number out of 166. Flick left, you'll find the monsters button, the tujian button for wikipedia, then there will be two numbers. The one to the left of the tujian button is how much coins you have and the one to the left of that is how much money you have.
You can't use money to buy things, but you can use honor and coins.


What is the money for if you cannot buy stuff for it?


I believe that money is just used for training, I could be wrong.


The last question I have is regarding breeding. I'm not sure if it's completely accessible, but if it is, could someone write his Thanks!