Quicknav and IOS

Hello everyone. I was using an iPad with a bluetooth keyboard today and noticed that VO didn't say Quicknav on when pressing the two arrow keys. I'm running the latest version of iPadOSS so was wondering if this is a bug?


Well, it does make a sound

Well, it does make a sound when you go in and out. Sounds more like a design decision to me, but who knows?

I noticed that

I actually noticed this. My sound was turned off.

It's an ios feature

App Developer

Apple has changed the way quicknav is announced from speech to a sound effect,
You can see and change these sounds in the keyboard sound settings for quicknav,

Quick nav ios13

I have the same problem and have reported it to Apple who are aware of the problem and are looking into fixing it.

This is not a bug. You will

This is not a bug. You will hear a upwords pling sound. I quite like it this way. You will hear a downword pling sound with QN off.