Reading Microsoft Word documents with the iPad

Hi, I was just wondering if anybody knew of a way that you can read ms office word documents using an iPad three. For example when using iPhone I can open an attachment in an email as a Word document and even though I cannot edit it I can still read the content of it. I was just wondering if there was a similar way to do this on the iPad? Thank you


How do you open them on the

How do you open them on the iPhone? Are you talking .doc or .docx? One easy way (I think) would be to just put it in your dropbox and use dropbox to open it. I can't swear to it, but I'm fairly sure the db app works on iPad. If you want the more expensive option, there's always. the pages app.

Using Quick Look on the iPad

You don't mention what viewer you're using on the iPhone, so I'll assume it's Apple's default, called Quick Look. That same viewer is available on your iPad, but I've found it works a bit differently on my iPad than it does on my iPhone. On the iPhone, I can just perform a standard one finger double-tap and hold on the .DOC mail attachment to bring up the "Open with..." menu, then select "Quick Look" from the menu. The Word document will open in Quick Look and I can use any of the standard gestures to read it. On the iPad I sometimes need to perform one extra step in order to read the attachment. After I've selected Quick Look from the menu, I sometimes need to perform a split tap within the body of the document in order to begin navigating and reading it. When I'm done reading, I sometimes need to repeat that split tap in order to be able to reach the "Done" button which closes the Quick Look viewer and returns me to the email interface. HTH