Reading a pdf Book On My Phone

Hi. I have to write a research paper for school, and one of the books I found online seem really good but it's in an inaccessible PDF format. My friend Nate gave it to me in a Word document for my PC, but when he OCRed the file it messed up the page numbering. I have the KNFBREADER on my phone but have never used it for this purpose. I would appreciate instructions for this way or any recommendations for anything else that might make more sense. I apologize for making this post really long. Thanks in advance.


Voice Dream Reader & KNFB Reader

I use Voice Dream Reader! It's fully accessible with Voice Over and definitely works well! KNFB Reader works well and is fully accessible with Voice Over!

Give Voice Dream Reader and KNFB Reader a try! Hope it helps you! Have a great day!

Second Voice Dream Reader

I second Voice Dream Reader, but if you need to read without it you can import the PDF into iBooks and read it using Voiceover. This works well. If there isn't OCR in the book, you'll need to run an OCR program on it. I'm on Linux so I use Tessaract but Adobe Acrobat Pro has good OCR. Often you'll need to pay for an OCR program, though, unless you're very technical.