Recommending QR Voice Sticker; a new iOS app for detecting QR codes

Recently a Polish Company developed an easy to use application for detecting QR codes. This is QR Voice Sticker, which can be used for labelling various items. Labels can be recorded or typed. It’s not free but I recommend it as it is VoiceOver friendly and was developped by a visually impaired person.
Here’s is a link to the App Store:


Can this app read textual

Can this app read textual informations contained in A a regular QR code or which have been generated using a third-party labeler for example?

I don't want to mislead you

It reads printed QR codes, e.g. on paper etc and it can present the information. Imagine you have a QR code with a web page concerning bus timetable. The application scanns it, interprets the web page and presents it in a window. It can also present the text which lies behind the QR code and, in addition, one can record an audio label. Please be a bit patient but the developer told me that he will prepare an English version of the web site where you will find other information. On the web site you will also be able to generate your own labels. Hope this was of some help to you.

Thanks for the info. I'm

Thanks for the info. I'm asking that because I use an external label printer to print my own QR codes with my own text contained in it. Then, I actually use the red laser iOS app to read the text contained in the QR code on the sticked label which is voiced by VoiceOver. Another question though: Is the text read back automatically by VoiceOver or do I have to flick around to find the scan result on the screen?

Thanks a lot.

The ordinary QR code text is

The ordinary QR code text is read back automatically - without any tapping or flicking around the screen. You can read particular labels every secound. It works really fast. I have checked 1.1 software version as a tester. The Developer said, it will be released in fewdays.

Hi! The free version is

Hi! The free version is available now. You can find "QR Voice Sticker Mini" on App Store. It is limited - only 10 voice notes may be stored... In my opinion assigning voice notes is easiest to use methot of marking things. I like it :)

Just try and have your own thoughts

You can download the mini version and find out if it suits you or purchase the full version and cancel the purchase within 14 days if the app does not fit your needs. I think the app does not recognize qr codes that have been printed e.g. on a business card. Instead, you can generate a template of qr codes and assign your own meaning to label products, etc. Haven’t used it for some time.