Recording music on the Iphone or Ipad?

I want to record a piano/keyboard and add things such as reverb, or other instruments. Is there a free (or very cheap) app that will let me do this? If its not possible to record directly to the device, perhaps an app that will allow me to import from email or dropbox? I have two patch chords and a splitter cable, if that helps at all.



Garage Band

If you can accept the quality of the built in microphone, you can use the Voice Memo app, or download the Garage Band app for much more options.

To use your cables, you would still need an audio adapter. Or, you can get a better microphone, but the quality of both of these options is correlated with price. You get what you pay for in terms of end result sonic quality.

Um, okay...

Not quite sure what point you are trying to make.

If I use the VoieMemo app,

If I use the VoieMemo app, will I be able to import it in to a music editing app? Is there such an app?

Recording music

I record and edit my music using the garageband app on my iTouch. I also purchased a little device called iRig. The iRig enables me to connect my electric and acoustic guitars to my iTouch.
Have a listen to one of my songs on youtube, i recorded this one using garageBand iOS app, my acoustic guitar, my electric guitar, and the iRig. And i did it without the help of a sighted person...


Thanks. :) How much does the iRig, and can it work with keyboard? Do I need a special keyboard for it? Also, if I want to add vocals and don't want to buy an expensive mic for that device, would a headset with an attatched mic to as good? Or is there an adapter that allows a mic to be plugged in to the device? I have a normal micthat can fit in to a headphone spot (once I get the adapter for it), if that helps. Thanks again.

And nice song.

The iRig is specialized for

The iRig is specialized for the guitar, but other audio instruments can work fine with it. I believe a mic works just fine with it, as long as the mic has a 1/4 inch jack. Those big cables that are used to connect guitars to amps, i don't know if you've seen them.
About keyboards, the iRig does not work with keyboards. I havn't heard of keyboards/ pianos connected to iPads or iPhones, but you can connect them to laptops!
To connect a keyboard to a laptop, you need to own a midi keyboard, those can be connected strait to laptops. I used a midi keyboard a while back with both macbook and a windows laptop. You need to have a music recording softwares on your laptop for the midi keyboard for it to work, like garageband.
Here is a link to the iRig on amazon, its a bit pricey though... 40&keywords=irig+hd&dpPl=1&dpID=31tclBY41pL&ref=plSrch F


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Zaina you have more songs played for you?
if so, can you give me the way to hear them?

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Current status of accessibility in GarageBand:

Hi zaina!
Nice to listen your instrumental recorded with GarageBand. And pleased to have your positive views on this topic.

But I want to ask you that nowadays GarageBand is not fully accessible. Then how are you managing it? Or you Are not facing any accessibility issue. Thank you.

Garage band is partially accessible.

It seems to be working better with the last couple of updates. Still not perfect and still kind of tricky to get around. I connect and I rig keyboard with the included mini midi to lightning cable. Recording to audio is fairly easy. The problem is editing. It's very hard to select parts and change them. My workaround so far is to create lots of song sections.