Regarding macOS Catalina.

Hi friends! My Name Is Anders and I am New to this forum. I wonder if anyone else is using braille with Mac OS Catalina and how you think it works? Most of the time I must say I love it but there are some bugs or glitches I really hope they fix. On some sites it seems I am unable to read text with my braille Display when I start from a heading. For example a Swedish bible site where I can navigate by heading and when I do that I can only hear text if speech is active. Its really had to explain this as my main language is Swedish and not English. Another thing I have found is that when I read mail and I am in the preview section it seems that the first line is shown twice on the display. It seems that its triggered to jump back when I move forward. Not sure what's up here but its a bit annoying. But I am really happy with the new braille feature that shows the single object on the display like structure mode on Jaws. That is pretty awesome to me.