Requesting accessibility testing for Mint iOS 3.7.0 app

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HI folks,

I am an iOS developer on the Mint personal finance app. I am planning to make accessibility improvements to the Mint iOS app over the next few releases. We recently released Mint iOS v3.7.0 to the app store. Would someone be willing to help with creating an accessibility report on the Mint v3.7.0 iOS app so that we can make the app really accessible? My goal is to come back to the forum with a fully accessible Mint iOS app.

Here is a link to the Mint app

Thank you,
Amit Rao


Just asking for some verification.

It is a bit concerning that someone is requesting help with app accessibility from a company like intuit would be using a gmail address as an official point of contact for help with app development.

Mint accessibility

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Hi everyone
I manage accessibility at Intuit and I've worked with Amit for several years; going back to our time at Yahoo with Victor Tsaran. While we've got a good idea of the remaining tasks, such as labeling, we'd love to get your feedback on making the Mint app more delightful.
Ted Drake


Is labeling in 3.7.- good enough that all core functions work with VO? If not, is there a beta where the known issues have been addressed? I'd like to help but would rather not spend time describing the problems you're already on track to solve.

Is this work still on-going?

Hi Ted and Amit, I just came across this thread while Googling Mint accessibility. I'm a Mint user and while significant improvements to the app have definitely been made, i am still finding unlabeled buttons in addition to other issues. Since this thread is somewhat old, I'm not sure if Amit is still the best contact for accessibility of the Mint app? I'd like to be proactive and report accessibility issues/concerns, but not sure of the best way to do so.



Re: Improvements to Mint accessibility

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Hi Steve,

Thank you very much for your response. I am no longer the best contact for Mint and no longer at Intuit. However, Ted Drake is still at Intuit and deeply involved with accessibility of Intuit products. I am also going to inform the mobile engineering team for Mint iOS who I am still in touch with. To provide Mint accessibility feedback for now I would send mail to Thanks!