rotar actions jumping focus in a text message field

Hi all. As we all know dictation spectacularly fails most of the time. When i try to switch the rotar from, actions where it brings up the context menu, to say words to scroll down and fix my handy work, it somehow goes right back to the default. I can have it set to words, swipe down maybe once or twice then it's back to "activate context menu". Anyone else have this? It's making me less sane than I was that that wasn't much. :)


Good thank you

It makes me crazy haha. Hope they fix this soon. Thanks for reporting it, thought it was only me.

Lucky in most respects but not this one

I have not been plagued by many of the bugs that I've seen on my iPhone 8 256 GB such as the awful VO freezing at end of calls, but this Roter issue is particularly problematic in text fields and is incredibly frustrating. My solution is to use a Bluetooth keyboard. Since I'm not particularly active right now, this is acceptable, but not as portable and definitely should not be necessary. Here's hoping this one gets fixed very soon!

Same problem, but I think it might be a feature

I have the exact same problem, and it drives me crazy!!! But I didn't report it, because I thought it was on purpose. If I stay on the text field, it stays where I put it, such as move by word. But if I navigate away and back again, it goes back to actions. It's the same on a text message though - if I want to read by word, I have to move to that, but if I move away from that text and back again, it goes back to the default. Would everyone agree with this? Even though it might not be a bug, we can still report that we don't want it!

Definitely a bug, not a feature


I have experienced and reported this issue. In most cases, there is no context menu that we can access. If I want to open the context menu asociated with the edit box nothing pops up on screen. This is definitely making us much less eficient for the reasons that were already explained in the comments above.

Actually ther is a context

Actually ther is a context menu, you get to it by a tap and hold of the text edit field. In ther is paste, cut, copy, etc. I think i reported this but I don't have the issue anymore which leads me to believe this has ben fixed in ios 13.2.3, or what ever public beta I'm running.