rss readers for mac

Hi guys,
Do you know of any rss readers free or payed that are accessible on the mac?
Thanks a lot


Vienna just plain rocks. I

Vienna just plain rocks. I have been using it for about a year now and it just keeps getting better and better.

q feed

q feed is also another good rss reader.

thanks guys

I thank you for your comments.
I will look in to this.

Work with Feedly

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Do Vienna or ReadKit sync with Feedly? I use Lire with Feedly sync on iOS so would be good to have syncing with Mac too.
Yeah I thought QFeed was just for Windows too, but equally I also stand to be corrected :)

Dunno if Vienna works with

Dunno if Vienna works with feedly. I don't trust online rss back up sites so keep my copy locally in an opml file. It is very good though and I highly recommend it.