rtf on iPad

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Hello iPad users,

do you know a wordprocessor for the iPad which supports rtf documents? My Dropbox is full of rtf files because this is what I usually use on my Mac. So far I wasn't able to find a good solution to edit rtf files on iPads.

Thanks for your ideas and
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Your best bet can be found

Your best bet can be found below:

TextEdit+ for RTF, LaTeX, Md by Kairoos Solutions SL

It is $5.99 US.

It is amazing that not even ‘word mobile” doesn’t even support RTF files. Gees!
Me wonders if Office online does.

That‘s it!

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Thanks a lot for this recommendation. Don‘t know why I haven‘t find it before. That‘s really great.
All the best

You’re welcome!

You’re welcome!

As an update, Office online also does not support RTF files. Google Docs I think can open/read them, though editing/saving them is out of the question, unless ya open it as a Google Doc and/or save it in another format.