Screaming Strike 2 is available for Mac

Screaming Strike 2 is available for Mac. I thought this was worth mentioning here as there is no mac app entry for this game. The game is absolutely free to download. Head to and select the "updates" link. The entry for Screaming Strike 2 is there. Unfortunately, the developer's website is completely in Japanese, otherwise I would have attempted to post a mac app entry. I recommend people give this a try. I absolutely love it.


#1 What kind of game is it

I’m always up for new game recommendations, but, could you maybe tell a little bit about the game?

#2 About the game

Screaming Strike 2 is an arcade game. Your goal is to punch enemies coming from your left, centre or right. Use your left and right arrow keys to position your enemy in the centre of your speakers or headphones and use the space bar to punch. The game is best played using headphones. There are 3 modes of gameplay: normal mode, arcade mode and classic mode. The original version of this game was a Windows-only release.