Screen Recording and iOS 13

Hi all,

So I called up Apple Accessibility, and they say that the audio routing to the earpiece and VoiceOver is a design choice when screen recording with the mic on.

Does anybody know a good reason for this? I certainly can't think of any.


The microphone location

If sound just came straight out of the speaker of the phone, keeping in mind that's where the microphone is on some phones like mine for example, imagine the amount of noise that would generate. Not to mention the feedback that it would cause due to the microphone and speaker being next to each other. Think of this way.
If you are standing in front of a speaker with a microphone in your hand in real life, what happens when you turn so that you are facing the speaker? A similar result would happen unless Applwh put the microphone somewhere else.
The iPad only comes out of the speakers because the mic is actually on the opposite side of the device, not next to the speakers.
Hope this helps.


It can be done, but you have to go through the first difficult stage.
After starting recording, holding the phone to my ear, I open the control center and change the audio output from the speaker to the iPhone.
Then, before sending the recording, i editing, and cut off this beginning.

BTW. It's not true that the sound will be too loud. I did it on the iPhone 6s +, now on XS and iOS it is great at stabilizing the sound at an uncontrolled level.

My Opinion

I know this is a bit off topic, but I really wish Apple would fix screen recording with airpods. The audio quality is extremely bad when recording, and the sound changes to mono so I can't play audio games. As for your problem, just wear headphones but not airpods.

Other than that I'm super happy they fixed the audio bug when exporting screen recording vids, and now voiceover is recorded to which is awesome.

I would use wired headphones,

I would use wired headphones, and on andorid I coudl record voiceover and the mic using EsScreenRecorder. So there was no noise and the quality was quite good. I don't have any redcordings anymore but there you go. That excuse apple gave is just an excuse in my humble opinion

Wired Headphones

There's no place for wired headphones with an iPhone XR. I sadly don't have one of those lightning port adapters either...

the iphone should

the iphone should have come with a addapter for connecting wired headphones to it when you bought it, and with a pair of earbuts with a lightning connector at the end

No adapter here, they stopped

No adapter here, they stopped shipping with those, but mine came with a pair of lightening ear buds. They are grate and will work for the screen recordings.