sd cards failing on mac

Hello, So I am incountering and issue where any sd card I insert in my mac does not let me copy files to it or re format it. So, for starters it will never remember that I have it set as list view table in the finder, and always reverts to the collection view, wich I really dislike. Also, I cannot put files on any of my cards anymore, wich are a 4 gb card, 32 gb card, a 2 gb card, and a 128 gb card which I am very prowd of. When I try to erase with disk utility or perform firstaid, the disk will eject itself and will not work with disk utility. Also what is weird is I can use the cards properly with my other devices aka bookport plus and braillenote. Any help is appreciated.


Check Lock Switch

Have you made sure that the lock switch isn't loose or stuck on your SD card? I have one card that constantly gets put into read only mode due to the loose lock switch being moved when I insert it into myMacBook Air SD slot. If that's the case, try taping the switch in the unlocked setting. If that's not the problem, I think your SD slot on your computer may be damaged.

What about the file system?

Aren't the SD cards just formatted to a Windows file system by default, such as Fat32 or NTFS? Your being able to use them with your other (non Apple) devices would suggest that. In that case, however, as far as I know, mac OS can only read Fat32 or NTFS volumes natively, not write to them, unless you install a third party app such as NTFS Tuxera or work around it in another way.
Just my thoughts.

File System

The only file system that would be read only on Mac would be NTFS. Since this person is using the card with the Book Port and Braille Note, it must be formatted as FAT32 since that is the only system these devices recognize. OS X or macOS or whatever Apple calls it now can natively read and write XFAT and FAT32. Don't use HFS+ on your cards or they will only be viewable from a Mac or with a third party tool on Windows. I think the problem is either the SD slot on your computer or the lock switch.