SE to XR: benefits from a VoiceOver perspective?

Hi all,

I'm considering making the jump from my SE to the XR, but am wondering what the benefits are from a VoiceOver perspective. I don't want to drop $1k (less with my Apple store gift card and trade in) on the XS, even though some say the OLED screen helps when you have screen curtain on.

Obviously battery life would get a noticeable bump, even though I just replaced the battery in my SE a few months ago. Now I can go almost the whole day before I need to plug myu phone in. Obviously, most of the mainstream stuff I find talks up the camera, which doesn't matter to me, unless it would give me better results with OCR apps. Has anyone found that to be the case?

My SE and 5S before it are the biggest iPhones I've had. I've always thought the plus size phones were just too big, but since the XR is like one of those phones, I might be willing to try it. Other than battery life, are there any plusses (rim shot sound) to the bigger phones as a VoiceOver user? I do 99% of my text input using braille screen input, so I'm thinking the bigger phones would allow for more space for that. I've been unable to test this when playing with the XR at the Apple store though, since the demo mode always kicks in before I can get everything turned on in VO settings.

Anyone got any good examples where they notice the XR being an improvement over a 6S/SE? I'm not a huge fan of losing the home button, and I've been unable to reliably get the new gestures to work whenever I've played with the newer phones, but I said the same thing the first time I ever saw an iPhone. I didn't really get used to the flick gestures until I'd had my 3rd gen iPod Touch for about a day, so the same thing would probably happen here. I figure as long as I have Apple store credit to use, I may as well look at the best of the 2018 iPhones I can afford.


#1 Not an SE user, but ...

Hi there. I just upgraded from the 6S Plus, so I can't speak to the size difference. I will say from moving to my 4S to the 6S Plus, it was a great improvement. The extra size allowed me to do braille screen input a great deal better. From the 6S Plus I can certainly say there is a noticeable improvement in speed when launching and using apps. The dual speakers are a nice touch as they allow for stereo sound. There are also stereo microphones which, while they are currently only good for recording stereo video for some reason may grant benefits eventually. The lack of a home button and touch ID are probably going to be the biggest things you notice. Rest assured you will get used to both, and in some ways I find the lack of a home button actually works better. One thing to keep in mind is the new Iphones do not have a standard headphone jack. They do come with Ear Pods with a lightning end, but if you want a lightning to headphone connecter you'll have to pay a bit for it. I can't speak to the better OCR since I actually haven't used it much, but I will say for magnification, the XR works much better than the 6S Plus. I imagine OCR will work better also. Hopefully someone can confirm. Otherwise, everything else about the phone seems pretty good. Hopefully that ... sort of helps.

#2 XR is LCD, not OLED

I can't really comment on your actual question because I've never used either the SE or XR. But it sounds like you may have some misinformation.

The XR has an LCD screen, not an OLED screen. Only the XS and XS Max have OLED screens.

That said, according to comments and reviews that I've read, the XR apparently does live up to its battery life claims.

#3 Yes, the XR's display is LCD.

Yes, the XR's display is LCD. I was trying to say that the OLED display on the XS and Max isn't worth the extra money to me.

I should've also clarified that I'm not bothered by the lack of a headphone jack in the new phones either. I started using lightning ear pods in 2017, and went bluetooth with my Beats X the middle of last year and haven't looked back since.

#4 I made this exact move.

Hello. I used an SE for a little over 2 years. I just got the XR in November and I love it. The reason I got it was for the battery and because I needed more storage space. There are so many improvements. I can't speak for the camera thing because I just don't use those apps enough to say whether there is much of a difference or not. But the speakers are so much better it's insane, the screen size is better for braille screen input. I'm using it right now. I never even messed with it before because there just wasn't much room to work with. But the screen being this big did take some getting used to. Although I would be happier if the phone was a little bit smaller, I just remember this big phone has a great big battery, and I love that. It's faster, and it can take a lot more of a beating as far as doing lots of processor-intensive stuff compared with the SE. I had a lot of trouble with the home and app switcher gestures in the Apple store. I was really worried that I would have trouble getting used to them once I got home, but I actually got used to them in just a matter of a few hours. I also didn't have nearly as much trouble with Face ID as I thought I would either. I'm very pleased with this phone. Although the SE is a great phone, I am very glad I made the switch.

#5 What about cases?

Thanks for your input. I'm also trying to research case options, but it's also hard to get much info from reviews. I looked at a few cases in the Apple store, and of those I liked the Apple clear case best. I loved my Apple leather case I got with my 5S, which bit the dust a couple weeks after I got my SE. Some of the reviews of the Apple XR case say it is kind of slippery, and since I use BSI all the time, I wouldn't want to drop my phone (I haven't done that yet). I don't want a big bulky case either... no otterbox defenders for me.