Search problem on the app store

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I have a problem: wen i am serch on the app store, voiceover read letters and word that i am typing, but aftter that i select all and delete all from the serch filld voiceover is not read the letter and word wen i am typing them.
Have sollf the problem? Or that i am need to wayte for update for ios?


search problem on the app store

I don't understand you're question could you be more clear?
Are you wondering after typing in the wrong search after doing a select all and delete why isn't the text deleting?

A known bug in iOS 8

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This is a known bug in iOS 8.

When you first double-tap the Clear button, all that happens is that the onscreen keyboard is displayed.

If you now either double-tap the Clear button again or use the delete key on the keyboard, the contents of the search field are visually deleted. However, VoiceOver will act as if the previously entered search is still there. Even if you type a new search, VoiceOver will announce the previous one.

Visually and functionally, the search will respond to the new search terms. However, with VoiceOver giving conflicting feedback, in can be rather confusing.

For now, the only way to completely ‘flush’ the previous search is to close the App Store via the App Switcher and start over.


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Thank you for your hellp.
I not was shure if it's bug.
I hope that it's will be fixt.