Seeking an accessible app for buying train tickets in the UK

Hi all,
I'm looking at buying train tickets for an upcoming trip, however, I can't seem to find an accessible app for buying train tickets.
I tried using My Trains, but it seems hard to get the ticket, as when it asks me to select the ticket, I don't have 2 elements, but one element which lists the price of both first class and standard tickets, so I can't really select one of these tickets.
Does anyone know of a way to either work around the issue with My Trains, or of any other app that I can use to buy train tickets?


Give Train Line a go

Hello Hubert,
I use Train Line and although it takes a little time to get used to it does work. The selection part of the app where you choose start and fnish stations, number of passengers, railcard etc. is a bit tricky but I have bought tickets on this app a couple of times.
Also, if you want a really good app for finding out what time a train leaves your station and arrives at your destination, go for Train Times. This app also gives you a sort of running commentary about where a train is. For example, whenmy son was traveling from York where he is at university to home, I could follow his progress and get to the station to meet him just before thetrain got into our home station.


What about TransLink? I think

App Developer

What about TransLink? I think I saw something about buying tickets. I am not sure of this though, maybe you can download and try.