Seeking feedback and suggestions from blind gamers

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Hi everyone, I'm a game design student who recently researching on mobile game for blind gamers. And hopefully I can design a great mobile game for Blind Gamers.

I found a few interesting audio games, like The Nightjar. But beside it, it seems like most of it are text games or card games. And I found that a lot of Blind Gamers just play game with VoiceOver function. And please do me a huge flavour, here are some questions I hope all you guys can answer:

1. Do you think there are enough game for Blind Gamers?
2. Do you think we need more game which design for Blind Gamers instead of joining the VoiceOver party only?
3. What kind/genre of game you think are not enough?
4. What is the difficulties you find when playing mobile games?
5. Do you all play games with friends or family?



Hello vickylau2990

Welcome to applevis.

Here are my answers to your questions; 1. Do you think there are enough game for Blind Gamers? No, NO, No and, no. :)
2. Do you think we need more game which design for Blind Gamers instead of joining the VoiceOver party only?
Yes. Audio games programmed for blind users or blind users and sighted users together would be awesome.
3. What kind/genre of game you think are not enough?
Horror games. Building games. Shooting games. RPG games. Adventure games.
4. What is the difficulties you find when playing mobile games?
None for me, unless they're not blind friendly or at least a little bit.5. Do you all play games with friends or family?
Me personally, no, I don't. I prefer to play games on my own.

I hope this helps you.

Always great to meet new developers!

I think it's great that you seek feedback from blind gamers.
Here are my answers.
1. No, there are not enough games, especially not in certain genres.
2. Yes, more games for us are always great!
3. RPGs! That's the most important genre for me. But adventure games and strategie games are not enough there, either.
4. No difficulties, at least not if the game is blind friendly.
5. I do play games on my own, I like it better that way. I even don't like games as much which require multiplayer gaming.

Best regards

You Can Never Have Too Many Games :)

Everyone has their own preferences. RPG games are very popular these days, but they aren't my personal preference. I like word games and arcade games. I think we could do with more arcade games, or adventure FPS. That's just me, though. It seems like there are lots of card games, and not so many arcade ones. Also, it's possible to use Direct Touch within a game to disable Voiceover's functionality. I prefer this to turning Voiceover on and off. Even the triple-click-home is a bit unwieldy compared to the transparency of Direct Touch. Thanks for the inquiry.

The questions

Thanks for asking these questions and considering creating a game for us.

Here are my answers.

1. Do you think there are enough game for Blind Gamers?
A. Never enough!

2. Do you think we need more game which design for Blind Gamers instead of joining the VoiceOver party only?
A. Voice over is awsome I love both. If you make it using voice over you can get the sighted world onboard and probably make more money, though having blind-use only games is amazing!

3. What kind/genre of game you think are not enough?
A. Audio Defense, the ones that get us thinking and moving. The RPG stuff, dungeon adventures. Killing mobs and solving quests. Shall I go on? LOL

4. What is the difficulties you find when playing mobile games?
A. I get bored with the, choose the link, games. I guess the storybook ones. Also sometimes the help files are not well written.

5. Do you all play games with friends or family?
A. I usually play alone but I would love to be able to play a RPG adventure with others.

Hope this helps.

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I am always glad to see someone researching new games.


1. No, I don't think there are enough, especially as many of them are in the same genre or very similar.
2. I don't think It really matters if the game partners with VoiceOver or is audio only. As long as it gives me access to the game I don't really care how its done. I will say however that depending on the game, VoiceOver can be a little bit cumbersome.
3. There need to be more games with women as main characters. A lot of the really exciting audio story games either have men as main characters, or are unisex. They're wonderful games, and there's nothing wrong with men, or unisex main characters. I just think it would be nice to balance things a little. There also could be more games that have to do with things like making clothes, growing gardens, fairies, get the idea. I love zombie shooters as much as the next girl but sometimes I just want to do something fun and a little pretty, and I haven't found a single thing to satisfy that craving. I also think there need to be more social games that have a story to them.
4. If they are accessible or nearly I usually don't find too much difficulty.
5. I play a lot of social games. I think I am a little more interested in a game if it has a social component to it, though single player games are amazing too.

Always need more games

Here are my responses:
1. No, there aren't enough games. There can never be enough games.
2. This depends on the specific game, but I would definitely prefer to see more audio-only games than more voiceover accessible games as audio-only games are more immersive. Audio games to a blind player are what video games are to a sighted player. Good marketing and immersive gameplay will allow you to sell an audio game to a wider audience.
3. I'd like to see more platformer-style 3D adventures (a visual equivalent might be Croc, Spyro the Dragon, etc.) and simulations (economic, flight, etc.), but in general I'd prefer *NOT* to see more interactive fiction, interactive audio drama, board, card, or dice games.
4. Generally I have no issues. Most 3D audio games currently available offer multiple modes of control, and I prefer using gestures combined with physically turning my body for my controls. The control system is where you can really innovate in the area of iOS audio games, but you need to make it intuitive, simple, or preferably, both.
5. I generally prefer playing games alone without forced social interaction. I play games to be entertained, not to socialize.

I think I can speak for many, if not all, AppleVis members when I say, when you've got some concrete ideas, or an actual game, we'd love to help you with more feedback. That being said, make sure you make a game you want to make, rather than a game you think we want you to make, democracy works well for government, but not so well for art, and a game is a piece of art, make it yours.


I would like to see games such as football or other sports. I do not think there is a football game for the blind. Also games such GMA created.


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There are never enough games.
Using the games with voiceover can be dull and boring. We do not need any more solara or choose your story apps that clutter up the games list here. We don't need any more "the world is about to end and you're blind and you use your ears to beat the bad monsters and win" types of crap. I want games that sighted and blind players play together, and I don't mean as in diceworld. I mean we explore vibrant, authentic areas, go on fun, story-filled quests that are actually awarding and cool, unlike crappy solara. And if you don't feel up to the task of making games, real games, then you can make accessible utilities like a good client for alteraeon with sounds and such. is one of the best games for us, with a client for the pic that you can take ideas and sounds and music from. I hope this helps. I also hope this helps and isn't too harsh. The blind community is just too used to being handed substandard games.


Devin prater, while I don't like solara much myself. I'd not call it a stupid game. the amount of work that went into making the game VO friendly must have been quite a lot. I'm not saying it's the best game ever, it's not bad for a game that is free. I do agree on all your other points though. we don't need more shooting games like the ones you're talking about. Honestly I think I've had enough of those to last me a life time. :)

My answers


Welcome to AppleVis! Here are my answers:
1. No, I don't think there are enough games for blind people, especially racing games. I've always wanted to play a racing game and I didn't have the opportunity to do so except for Top Speed, a series of blind-accessible racing games for Windows.
2. I prefer audio-only games instead of VoiceOver-accessible games. I think there are lots of games for VoiceOver users already, so please make an audio-only racing game!
3. I always wanted to play racing games but I also enjoy Trivia games because they expand your knowledge on a given subject while you're having fun!
4. As long as these games are accessible with or without VoiceOver it's fine. Please work hard to make your game totally accessible, with or without VoiceOver!
5. I prefer playing games alone instead of being forced to socialize. Being forced to do something isn't good, and I'd strongly advise you against forcing people to socialize when they don't want to.

feedback and suggestions from a blind gamer

Hello: I don't think we have enough games for the blind. I think we need more self audio based games instead of always depending on voice over. i think we need more sports and shooting games. i wish someone would develope a john madden nfl style game. I also wish we had a nba basket ball game. My issue with playing mobile games is accessibility. I some times play games with friends and family.

iOS gaming

I had not seem any good sport game such as football (American) or war games such as commanding a submarine or fighter. If you want to do a game that will make most of us happy do sport or war game. I seem to much fantasy or scifi be it audio or text.

My feedback

Hello, and glad you found us. I used to program games myself, and know some of the difficulties... so when I give you my suggesttions I'll have those in mind.
1. A racing game would be the easiest to program I think. There are two racing games on iOs, but one' is extremely expensive and hard to play, and neither of them, as far as I know, let you race other players. Another genre I'd like to see is sports, especially baseball, bowling, and a tennis game where you have to do more than just get the timing right.
I also like sims: flight sims, sim city type games, and the like:
thanks for hearidg our feedback.

Games Feedback

I am a low vision gamer, and play both mainstream games (when possible) and accessible games using VoiceOver and audio only. Here are my answers to your questions.

1. Do you think there are enough game for Blind Gamers?

No, as an avid gamer, I am always looking for new accessible games. I'm especially interested in games that aren't necessarily marketed toward blind only players. I think VoiceOver accessible, screen reader accessible in general, and audio games would catch on more if the games were marketed and designed for everyone to play. More accessible games would be created if sighted players saw audio games as another interesting genre they wanted to play. Whether a game is audio only or screen reader accessible, games would probably get more attention too if sighted players encountered more blind player competition, so they'd see we're gamers as well.

2. Do you think we need more game which design for Blind Gamers instead of joining the VoiceOver party only?

I am open to games that are audio only and self voiceing, as well as games that use VoiceOver, especially for navigating menus, stats screens, and other informational content. Again, I'd love to see games that can be played both as a sighted user and a blind/low vision user. IOS has many of these games.

3. What kind/genre of game you think are not enough?

I'm open to many genres. I like action and shooter games, but also like story driven games. I too would like to see an audio game that is story-based, but where being a blind character isn't the focus. Radio plays and audio books do this all the time. A good IOS game example of this is Codename Cignus. It's all audio, but blindness has nothing to do with the story or characters.

I would also like a racing game. I seem to remember a teaser YouTube video of a ralley racing game at some point. I believe it was by the Audio Speed team, but haven't heard about it since. I love arcade racers like Burnout. An accessible Mario Kart style game would be amazing too.

4. What is the difficulties you find when playing mobile games?

I haven't really had too many problems playing accessible mobile games. If a game does still use graphics, I tend to prefer playing on my iPad, as it's easier to see. One common complaint I have about accessible games in general is that they are often much more basic and limited in scope and gameplay than the mainstream games of today, or even ten years ago. I'd love to explore an open world like the elder Scrolls or Zelda series through audio. I'd love to experience a mix of action and story telling like Telltale's The Walking Dead or other adventure titles. Gameplay mechanics are also more basic in most accessible games. I still love the mainstream classic action and mainstream arcade and action games, but I'd love to play titles with more complex mechanics as well. In a typical real-time mainstream game, the player is always needing to use and choose between melee, ranged, and magic combat, and can easily jump between these on the fly. I realize it is harder to give the player all of this information with only audio, but I would love to see more attempts made. I've never gotten Audio Quake for the PC to work, but it's always something I've been curious about, and is a good example of an action game sighted and blind players can play together.

5. Do you all play games with friends or family?

I regularly play competitive and co-op mainstream titles with friends. I also play some accessible games, especially on IOS, with friends. I play a lot more single player games, but do enjoy multi-player sometimes.

My answrs

Welcome to the applevis community. Here are my answers:

1. No, no, no, and again, no. There are definitely not enough games for the blind population of iOS users.

2. I'd like to see more audio-only games. As a previous poster has said, audio games are to a blind gamer as video games are to a sighted gamer. Plus, if they're made well (like the nightjar, papa sangre, papa sangre II, and audiodefence), it can be very fun to play.

3. I'd like to see a lot more fps (first-person shooter) games, though not necessarrally dealing with the undead. Perhaps something based off of one of the world wars or somesuch.

4. I haven't had any major hardships playing games on a mobile platform, at least not if the games themselves are accessible.

5. I personally prefer to play solo games, as I do not like being forced to socialize with people, but a good multiplayer would be fun it the player had the option to play with a team or solo. Take swamp for windows, for example. You can play offline or online with other people. It all depends on what you personally like to do.

Hope this will help, and again, warm welcomes from all of us here at Applevis.

Take Care,

Joseph King

My Comments

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Personally, I'll try just about any game as long as it's accessible. I used to play a lot of action games for Windows, but now find myself enjoying card and casino-based games both for Windows and iOS. That's not to say that I don't like a good shooter now and then, but a little variety never hurts. As for audio vs. Voiceover-accessible games, I like both types. As long as I can actually play the game, that's fine with me.
It would be nice to see some sports titles, or maybe even a pinball game.

My answers and opinions

Hi, I have been following this topic since it was first brought up, but didn't activate my Applevis account until very recently. Thank you so much for taking an interest in blind gamers! Here are my answers:

1. _NO!!! There are definitely _not enough accessible games on the market.
2. I like games designed for blind gamers as much as the next girl, but personally I am more excited when I see a mainstream game with added voiceover support. Not only am I playing something that, say, my little sister might enjoy, but it also lets me know that the developer was willing to broaden his/her perspective and accommodate a wider audience range.
3. I am a serious adventure/quest/rpg/exploration geek, and would love to see more of that stuff expand beyond the choose-your-own-adventure or interactive fiction format. But having never coded or programmed myself, I can only imagine how difficult it would be to add accessibility to this type of game, since they tend to rely so heavily on graphics and icons.
4. Generally speaking I do not have any difficulties playing mobile games. The only issue that can be an annoyance to me is the need for extensive typing. I am primarily an iPhone user, and don't own a bluetooth keyboard, so having to rely on the tiny on-screen keyboard for too long can be frustrating.
5. I prefer playing my games either solo or against a computer opponent. I have had random-match players quit on me because I took too long to make my move.

Again, thank you for taking us blind gamers in to consideration. Being a busy student, games are my stress-relief, and I am always glad to find a new one I can actually engage with.

My Gaming Lifestyle

Awesome that you want OUR feedback on mobile gaming for the blind. Here's my answers: 1. NO!! Very limited amount of games for us.
2. I was a heavy PS loyalist before I went completely blind and would love to see text-heavy PS1 titles like Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid made accessible in mobile gaming if at all possible.
3. RPG's, fighting/wrestling/sports games, militar/espionage games & classic board games like Monopoly, Life, Scrabble & Battleship.
4. No problems as long as it's accessible.
5. Would like to play w/fam&frinds, but will game against any1/thing.


1: No, there aren't enough games for blind users for sure. 2: I think it would be good if there were more games that both sighted and blind users can play together. 3: Sports games, I would like to see more of them accessible, games like having a farm, a restaurant, a city or any games along that line, where you get to run something. I heard from lots of blind users that they wish they could play these games but they don't have a chance to. 4: Don't really find anything difficult as such, I do find it annoying that there aren't enough games though. I wish more of the mainstream games were accessible. 5: No, I usually play on my own, although I do have some games that I play with friends.

Sims type games

I think there needs to be more sims type games where you take care of kids or pets and the like. I can not follow you on Twitter because I can not find you. If you would like you can follow me by looking for gilman_gal. Be sure you tell me who you are so i know to follow you back. Thanks for making games for us.


I don't think there's enough games for blind people. I mean, I'm glad we have some we can play. More then ever. But there could be more. I would love to see mainstream games be accessible. Games i wanted to play when i was a kid i saw my brother and family play like the Super Mario games. Or Zelda. Or touchress. not sure if i spelled that one right. I would love to see racing games like Mario Cart accessible as well. And candy crush. I want to play that but can't. I would love to see sports games like Maddin NFL or the NBA 2k series accessible.
I would be open to any games though as long as I can play them.

Accessible Gaming

1. Do you think there are enough game for Blind Gamers? - No.

2. Do you think we need more game which design for Blind Gamers instead of joining the VoiceOver party only? - Whether it is a purely audio-based game (such as Nightjar) or a visual game that is accessible with Voiceover (such as King of Dragon Pass) so long as its accessible I have no preference either way. Nightjar and Audio Defense are a lot of fun, but I find I can spend a lot more time playing the VO games like Solara and KODP.

3. What kind/genre of game you think are not enough? - Personally I would like to see a highly immersive RPG game with an involving storyline/plot, similar to a Final Fantasy. I have yet to find an accessible iOS game that has a captivating plot that entices the player to want to keep going.

4. What is the difficulties you find when playing mobile games? - Non-intuitive controls/interfaces, and repetitive gameplay that gets boring (Solara is a prime example of this).

5. Do you all play games with friends or family? - No. Nearly all of my family are using Androids and I have yet to encounter an accessible iOS game with an Android version available that allows playing between the two.


Sports games such as US football or baseball. War games be cool. Maybe running a submarine and other via wireless trying to find you and destroying you and you doing the same.

Arcade Games


Here are your answers.

1. No. As stated many times above, there are a large quantity of games, but not a large variety.
2. I personally feel the more you can make the game work with VoiceOver, the more sustainable it is.
3. There are not enough arcade games. I would love to be able to play something like Pinball or Skiball.
4. The biggest challenge I face playing mobile games is that they all become the same after awhile because the variety is so limited.
5. When circumstances allow for it.



Here are my answers on you questions.

1. Do you think there are enough game for Blind Gamers?
2. Do you think we need more game which design for Blind Gamers instead of joining the VoiceOver party only?
3. What kind/genre of game you think are not enough?
Strategy games, like sims.
4. What is the difficulties you find when playing mobile games?
5. Do you all play games with friends or family?
Yes I am playing with friends online.

Answers to vickylau2990

Here are the answers to your questions.
1. Do you think there are enough game for Blind Gamers?
No. The App Store has tons of games, but only about 20% of them are accessible, while the others are inaccessible.
2. Do you think we need more game which design for Blind Gamers instead of joining the VoiceOver party only?
Yeah! :) Not only making games accessible, also making games that are accessible.
3. What kind/genre of game you think are not enough?
Audio fighting games. I really love audio shooting games like SixthSense and Nebula, but there need to be more that are free, not just paid.
4. What is the difficulties you find when playing mobile games?
I sometimes have difficulties with mobile games because sometimes only parts of the app are accessible, but not enough to make it playable.
5. Do you all play games with friends or family?
Yes, if they are accessible. Like Dice World.
Hope you get this.

My answers

My answers
One. No, there are not enough games. Well, there are plenty of games, but there is not a huge variety.
Two. Yes, I think it would be cool if my friends and I could play the same game.
Three. I am tired of seeing card games, text games, and board games. I want to see more along the lines of taking care of kids or pets, or managing a farm. Also, if you do pets, it would be cool if you could breed them. I also have never seen games with color. For example drawing games, fashion design games, or clothing games. That would be cool.
Four some games are very accessible but they're injured faces are hard to use.
Five. Sometimes, but I don't want to have to use game Center. If you are going to do that, you should make it an option that can be toggles on or off.

Sport Games

How about a football, baseball, basketball. I also want a good sport game.