Seeking feedback and suggestions for the Blindfold series of iOS games

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Tennis is on my list of games. Would people want the game to use arm movements like the Wii, or use your finger on the screen?

Also, are there any other games or suggestions that you have for the Blindfold series of iOS games?


yes, thats what i mean.

yes, thats what i mean. bigger boards, not just 15 numbers. as for other games, what about the peg solitaire? i know it only as a wooden game, where you sort of jump over pegs, and remove pairs, and try to empty the board, or keep as few pegs as possible. so lets say you have a1 - a peg. a2 - a peg, and a3 - an empty spot. you jump the peg from a1, to a3, and with this movement you remove the pegs. you can jump horizontally, or vertically, but not diagonally, its Quite hard to explain. if you play audiogames on a Windows computer, its the same as blank block from lighttech interactive.

as for appstore puzzle, there

as for appstore puzzle, there are millions of them. can you give a more exact description or keyword to search?

Bigger boards

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Hence 16, with one open slot, 25 with one open slot, and so on.
How high should it go?


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I'm confused. what do you mean?

taken from the description of

taken from the description of blank block:

the player is presented with a board of pieces with one empty slot, ---- the size depending upon difficulty, and by jumping one piece over another into an empty space (in a similar fashion to draughts/checkers), the object is to clear the board.

Sound symple? try it on master level difficulty with a 32 x 32 board. Blank block also adds some of it's own special rules to the initial game concept. Every successful move, and clearing of a full column or row earns a player points. By spending points, a player can move a piece into an empty space without jumping another piece, thus it's always possible to clear the board.

the object of the game is of courseto get rid of the pieces in as few moves as possible, and rack up the highest score.

i can describe my wooden

i can describe my wooden puzzle, what i have here, its the smaller variant. for example. its three rows, and three columns, with the last empty cell in the right bottom corner.

Yes, realistic tennis pretty please

I wholeheartedly agree with the fellow who said that he or she thought it would be great if we could play 3 or five set matches. IVe seen many tennis games floating around in Cyberspace but many are of the special nature with few points and not so realistic. So playing real sets and matches would be just great.

Blindfold vball

Hello. I don't understand how i should flick to earn any points. Can someone create podcast about it?


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Do you mean the computer is getting too many 7/10 splits, or you are?

wooden puzzle

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is this one of the puzzles where one peg must jump over another peg, and then you remove the peg that was jumped over?

blind fold bowling suggestion

hi not sure if its possible instead of playing the computer can you add a feature to play your friends online

play with friends

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I am finalizing the testing of crazy 8 and wildcard for playing with friends.
They will be released as separate apps.
Once I'm sure there are no defects, I will do the same with bowling and some of the other games.

response to coment left

greetings to the one that suggested blindfold ski ball the name ski ball is trademarked. Marty himself shared that info with me so that's why blindfold vee ball was picked cause that name is not already used in any way but concept of ski ball is in game:) I love vee ball lots and eddicted to it:)


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It's available and called blindfold vee ball.

jumper puzzles

I have two of this type of puzzle, and they would be cool additions to your game collection for iDevices. One is an equalateral triangle of 15 pegs. You start with 1 blank hole, chosen at random. You can jump over a peg in any direction, including diagonally, removing the jumped peg. You win if only 1 peg remains on the board. The other is an array of pegs like this: Each horizontal row of pegs is centered on the board. The top two rows each contain 3 pegs, the next 3 rows contain 7 each, and the bottom 2 each contain 3 pegs. The center hole is left open. No diagonal jumps are allowed. The object is to only have 1 peg remaining on the board. For a bigger challenge, one of the 32 pegs is a different color than all of the other identical pegs. Place the odd colored peg on the board, at the beginning of the game, so that it will be the one peg remaining at the completion of the game. Where do you put it? That's the challenge.

a suggestion to keep your blindfold games all together

hello all blindfold gamers I have a perfect suggestion to help you keep all the swell blindfold games together. If you put 2 blindfold games on top of one another the device will make a new folder and ask you to name it. I did that and named my folder blindfold games. I then moved all blindfold games out of regular games folder and into the blindfold games one. This helped me lots. good luck.
and keep up the good work marty:) you rock:)

hi, yes, Charles is

hi, yes, Charles is absolutely right, i meant these jumper puzzles. and 15 sliding puzzle. by the way someone mentioned an voiceover accessible sliding puzzle app, anybody knows it?

airhockey online

I wonder how Airhockey would be implemented for online play?

Right now each apponent plays at different speeds.

Would you have players pick the game speed, or would you make it speed up gradually like Jim kitchen's pong game.

I find playing slow boring myself, which is why I prefer versing the opponents that play fast.

Thank you and Bejeweled

Hi. I would absolutely love something like Bejeweled. My mom is addicted to it and I suspect I would be as well.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for developing these games. I am hopelessly addicted to Solitaire. It helps me unwind. Thanks for allowing us to change the pitch and speed of the voice as well.
Would there be any way to make a Connect 4, or a Tick Tack Toe? What about Hangman or other types of word games?
I'm impressed at how quickly the sellection of games has expanded. There's something for everyone. Keep up the great work.

Tower defence

Hi! What about a tower defence game? Like plants vs zombies...


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Color Crush is coming. It's in final testing and its a mix of bejeweled and candy crush. tick tack toe is too easy. Hangman is a bit too easy too and I suspect there are many versions that are accessible. What about a word ladder? Have you heard of those?


You ask, "Why should I spend time learning Blindfold Breakout when I have a similar game with visuals and, most important, a more advanced gameplay?" Answer: If you have this visual version of the game that is more advanced, can you, as a blind person, play it? If not, that's why you should learn this great game. As for repetitiveness, have you ever played pinball tables? They are repetitive, but loads of fun, and in both games, the ball never travels the same path, so I suppose that, in this aspect, the games are never the same, although the objective remains the same. Rack up a higher score than before. If you are asking this question from the viewpoint of a sighted gamer, the answer is that this is a new aspect of gaming that you should try, at least a few times. Using your ears instead of your eyes is a new experience. Be open minded and give it a try.

word ladder?

Would this be something like the following: Charlie, Horse, Shoe, Horn, and so on? Those are fun, and this would be a good idea for a word game.

monopoly on an iPhone?

I would think this would be a very long, complicated, and tedious game, as the iPhone is generally for one player, unless the phone were passed from person to person in a room, as it is when blindfold bowling. Plus the variables such as how many players, their names, the way in which you would keep track of who has what properties and what is and is not mortgaged, the number of houses or hotels each player owns, and so on. As a former professional monopoly player, I don't think it would go over very well, because Monopoly is a multiplayer game.

How would Word Ladder work?

I enjoy many different kinds of games, including Word Games, but among the latter i don't think I have ever come across Word Ladder. How would that work?

re-playing with friends

hi i just downloaded wildcard bought the starter pack and tried to buy the play with friends for $2.99 but i got a error when purchasing
it said error parse = 146

I'm blind

Actually I'm totally blind and, even as a blineld person, I agree with my sighted friends that audiogames are almost always basic versions of what they have. I'm not criticizing, just saying an obvious thing. Some people asked why sighted games do not bother learning to play an audiogame. Well, that was my personal answer: why trying when I have something more advanced and easier to get into? I domani't know how hard are special bricks to code and I'm not demanding them, I just think that they could make the game more challenging for us blind and more actractive for who's sighted

word ladder

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that's close - i think your voice to text messed it up. An example is COLD CORD CARD WARD WARM
All letters stay in the same order, and only one changes per move.

Purchase problem

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That item has been removed because of problems in the version, and we are building a separate app called wildcard with friends.
Email me directly so I can solve your problem.

Audio vs. Video games

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I agree that audio games are more basic, but there's less flexibility in building an audio game for the number of events that are taking place at the same time, and how those events impact the screen. Most videos games are designed as third person experiences - you watching the events take place, and moving things on the screen to accomplish certain goals, and letting things on the screen interact with each other. Audio games work as first person experiences - you hear the events around you, instead of observing the events from a distance. I experiment with a set of third-person audio games, but the blind testers found it too difficult to pin-point where events were occurring. That limits the choice of games to either audio adventure style games like papa sangre, or first person games.

Most recently, we experiment with several approaches to breakout - for example, identifying whether the bricks smashed were close to you versus close to the back wall, but the game became to cumbersome and confusing.

Please keep in mind that almost no few sighted people download that games. Hence, even if the game were visually amazing, they still wouldn't know about it. I'm written about this in several blogs.


Ok, now I'm curious

I've never considered the idea of audiogames as first person experience, so your concept interests me a lot. What do you mean when you say that you've tried to create audiogames that sound like a third person experience? Do you mean things like some japanese audiogames, where the sounds are not always centered but even your main caracter sounds move left or right as you move him? And, regarding breakout... I suppose you tried to use higher peach sounds for the further brickss and low pitch sounds for the nearer one... Or did you tried some other metodo?

3rd person

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For example, there's action going on to your left, say 2 different fighters. You need to determine which one is further to your left, and which is close to your left. Some of the experiments I ran were much simpler - hopper where you need to line up two different sounds, one traveling left to right, the other, right to left. Sometimes that line up in the center, sometimes at the left somewhere, and sometimes at the right somewhere.

As to breakout, I experimented with many varieties including modifying pitch, or using different voices, etc.

Word ladder

I love word ladders, so that would be a fun app

Finger or swiNg

I would personally prefer to use my finger on the screen, but I think there should be an option for both since most users have different opinions also, color crush sounds awesome. I can't wait to play it


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A newer version is coming out soon. Let me know if the problem persists.

suggesting improve yours games and one thing

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hello? i like your games i rad that will be audio game that suggesting simeler game for candy crash sagc. i am very happy. i would like something that disterb me and it's happend every new game that you releast i can't to gat points when i am woching yors vidio. when the vedio has bing finished show me message that say you get 1 coins but when i back to the main menu i see that i have 0 points.


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Which game is that occurring in?

different game

I was thinking that the second word has something in common with the first, the third has something in common with the second, and so on. Horse shoe, shoe horn, and so on.

another game suggestion

If no one mentioned it, wheel of fortune and who wants to be a million year are good games


I would like the option to switch from finger to arm gestures in each of your games, as I can see pros to both options. Sometimes, I play in a confined space like on the public bus. However, since the Wii isn't accessible (to my knowledge at least), I would like the option to be able to simulate real-life gaming when I'm not in a confined space.
As far as new games, a 9-inning baseball game and a football game would both be fun. I'm not thinking management-style games, but actually playing the games.
Also, if you're willing to make board-type and/or trivia games like monopoly, millionaire, jeopardy, ETC, that would be wonderful as well.
Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication. My husband and I spent our date night this week playing bowling and crazy eights.


Re: Separate apps for playing online with friends?

Is there a particular reason for making them separate apps? Would there be any way to simply make them part of current app upgrades, so users don't lose scores, coins, custom-created apponents, ETC? Just a curiosity question. Thanks!


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Many of the games offer both options where moving your are is the main option. Some games, though, I've not included the options since it makes the game way too easy - juggling - a game that's coming out soon, is one of them. Other games, like bowling, don't have a arm swinging option since I haven't built that type of wii-type recognition. I am planing on doing that someday though.

As to other games, I'm working on 1000 miles after I complete rummy. Rummy is a multi-state game, unlike hearts or spades. Once 1000 miles is done, I can look at other more complex games.

I will look into those sports games too.