Seeking feedback and suggestions for the Blindfold series of iOS games

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Tennis is on my list of games. Would people want the game to use arm movements like the Wii, or use your finger on the screen?

Also, are there any other games or suggestions that you have for the Blindfold series of iOS games?


Color Crush Christmas Update?

Hi. I just wondered if, by chance, Color Crush might get a new gem pack or two for Christmas?
I have a few ideas; maybe one will strike your fancy.
1. soft fabrics such as furs, silks, velvets, feathers, etc. or the like;
2. precious metals and jewels; gold, silver, diamonds, sapphires, etc.
3. Royalty, titles, etc.
4. Types of cats?
I know there is an animal one, though I haven't checked it out, and I know there's a mineral pack, but I wasn't sure that included precious jewels and precious metals.
I really like what you've done so far with the different gem packs. When I play one of the candy packs, I feel as if I'm really playing Candy Crush and I like the way matching things stirs my imagination. For instance, when I'm playing with the colors, I think of makeup, how it smells, and what different types of compacts feel like. The sounds of paired or matching categories or words is pleasing, and for me at least, my synesthesia is involved.
Neat game.

More game packs

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Minerals contains gems - check the games guide.
I am adding 3 more packs: fabrics, royalty titles and merry christmas in many languages.

Suggestions for games in the Blindfold games series


Trivia games would be awesome! I've always been a Trivia games fan and I love playing this type of game. Maybe this is a game to consider in the future. A Trivia game where the player could select different categories of questions, that would be great! A Trivia game with a Harry Potter topic, that would be extraordinary! A game along the lines of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, that would be awesome!

Trivia Game

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My latest game - trivia match - similar to jeopardy - was just released.

Game Suggestions

I would like to make a game suggestion. I would like an accessible version of the game called Risk. I have heard of this game and have not played it before.

Another game I would like to suggest is called Dabble. I really enjoy playing Dabble.

I requested life

Is there no chance for the classic board game of Life to be an option?


I would like to have Pac Man in the future of B Blindfold series of iOS games games...

Blindfold Doninoes Suggestion

I have been playing Blindfold Euchre a lot recently and loving it!

Would it be possible to add a partnership game into Blindfold Dominoes as well?

Blindfold Bridge?

Now that Blindfold Euchre has been released and works so well, a Bridge game could also work?


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I need to determine if it would be popular first. I have had very few requests.

Partnership Dominoes

If you search the web for "Rules of partnership Dominoes", there is a very good website called which should hopefully be of assistance in determining how the game would work.

Hope this helps.

Life Game

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I haven't done much research into it yet.


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If you have ideas for more vehicles, let me know


I would really like an accessible Plants vs Zombies game. I really enjoyed it when I had a little vision.

Question regarding Blindfold Bird Songs

Quick question about Blindfold Bird Songs.

Are all the birds in this game native to America?

If so, could packs be made up with birds native to other countries? A pack for birds native to the UK for example would be fantastic!

Second the Suggestions


I absolutely love the Blindfold series of games and always pay for unlimited play on the games that I use in order to help support this awesome developer.

I would love to see Blindfold Risk and Blindfold Life. Those would be two games that I would immediately purchase unlimited play for.

Total nostalgia moment the other day resulted in another idea......Blindfold Oregon Trail. I would buy it - cue the laughter.

Blindfold Words From Words

This is the latest game in the Blindfold series.

I'm really enjoying it! Hours of fun!

Blindfold twenty20 Cricket?

There is a new game which has just been released by Spoonbill Software called BG twenty20 Cricket. I've been playing it all morning and it is absolutely fantastic.

Wondered if twenty20 cricket could be made as part of the Blindfold series?


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I just sent another email to Spoonbill Software. I email them about every 6 months, to ask them to work with me and move the games to the iphone and ipad, but in my prior emails, they didn't want to do it. You might reach out to them and encourage them. When I did that with RS Games, it worked out well for everyone and we made thousands of people happy.


I will send them an email this afternoon. Hopefully others will read these additions to the forum topic and follow suit.

are there any plans to

are there any plans to enhance the iintelligence of the AI players in blindfold opoly? I have found that if they mortgage a property then say get a big cash injection from someone landing on a hotel they don't seem to know how to unmortgage a property. also frequently the never finish building hotels, they might build 3 or 4 houses but quite often never finish the hotel even when they have lots of cash, and also they only ever seem to put up once house at a time never a full hotel at once as we as human players can.
also I noticed a bug where even though the game gives prices in pounds it still talks about $ in relation to jail, so pay $50 to get out of jail.

Question about a Cricket game for Kid Friendly Software

Last year, I was actually in contact with the original developer of the twenty20 Cricket game which is now available from Spoonbill Software.

I did give him your details, but I'm not sure whether he ever contacted you?

I still have his email address if you would like me to send you it?


App Developer

I am fixing the $50 problem.
The guides I've read say to never unmortgage a property unless there's a good reason to, such as you own the other colors.
I will check the issue of building more houses when they have cash. Each time the game is run, it comes up with random probablility for the smart player as to the likelihood of building more houses, and other things, so they aren't great all the time. Do you think that should be a setting you can modify?


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Yes, send it to marty at blindfold games dot org

I think any customization

I think any customization options are great, with regards to unmortgaging properties I have never scene the AI unmortgage a property ever even if it owns all the color group once it mortgages a property that's it, game over for that property.
also if a player is knocked out and the option to transfer properties to the player who knocked them out is turned on the properties are transferred but still mortgaged.
One other customization option I would like to suggest is a setting to make payable tax unlimited so no longer just £200.

Suggestion For Checkers

Hi all!

I was looking at the Checkers game, enjoying its interface and mechanics.
Is there a possibility for a future update, (unless I am missing its setting for it,) the ability to have multiple local players, 2 to 4 of them?

Just wanted to throw the idea out there.


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probably not. very few people have downloaded the game, and for the other multiplayer games, only about 3% of the people who downloaded the game played the multiplayer version.

In regards to Cricket

Cricket is one of the games being made by Audio Game Hub. It should be on IOS soon and has been released for Droid today.

Sports In-App Purchases

I love basketball, but I'd really like to see a flat in-app purchase for the ability to play more than 2 coached games. I think that paying for 2 games only is a bit much.

Lower prices

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I just lowered the coach games to 5, the player games to 4, and the bundle of both, plus dribble, to 8.
Does that make it better?

Blindfold Checkers

This is a very good game, so hopefully more people will download it in the future.

One other suggestion I have for Checkers.

Is there any way to stop the computer forcing you to take one of it's checkers after it's first move?

I know in the

forced moves

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that's actually a rule of checkers. if you can jump and take an opponent's checker, you must do so.

Computer moves in Blindfold Checkers

Sorry, didn't explain what I meant correctly in the previous post.

When you start a new game of Checkers, and you make the first move, the computer always forces you to take one of it's checkers on your second move. This happens no matter what move you make when starting the game.


Will you be adding any more fireworks to the app. I love that game. Its very relaxing and sometimes festive.

What to add

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Any ideas on how you would like it improved?


You can add different types of fireworks and sparklers and maybe locations like the park or somewhere very festive. And if you want to share it on facebook or twitter people could see a pic of the display if its possible. If you want, a 3 or 4 finger gesture could display more fireworks than with the 2 finger tap on the screen. If I think of more I will write them in. I really love this app.

first move in checkers

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I've noticed that too in checkers, but that's how the best players play.

Fireworks suggestion

I personally would like to see a menu from where you can choose a specific firework to shoot. Maybe a 2 finger swipe left or right could be used to bring up the menu. I think it would just be extra nice to actually see the names of the fireworks that you are using while at the same time shoot whatever you want. Double tapping a specific firework in the menu can make it go off.

From what I understand

You can get some random firework displays by swiping down with 2 fingers. They sound pretty cool.


The taxes should be either 10 percent of your total worth or, in American money, $200, your choice. In the official rules of the Monopoly game, which are used in tournament play.

Blindfold Euchre Suggestion

A quick suggestion for Blindfold Euchre.

When you resume a game, you usually end up playing with a different partner than the one you started the game with. Can this be fixed so that when you resume a game, you play with the same partner that you started with?

Resuming a game

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Did you press the resume button, or simply continue the game?


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I think that's what oppoly is doing. 10% of cash+houses+properties, or $200.

Angry Birds?

How about an Angry Birds like game? I always wish I could play that.

The resume button in Blindfold Euchre

I checked Blindfold Euchre again and there are definitely some bugs wwhen you press the Resume Button. The main bug is that when you are dealt a new hand, you can only scroll through three of the five available cards in your hand.