Seeking Games Geared Towards Girls

Hi I am looking for Games Geared towards girls such as Fashion games, virtual pet/Baby games. I already have Hachi, my baby Sim, and The games from x2line



For fashion games, I recommend Style Studio, for virtual pets I like Mobbles and Mobile Aquarium, in addition to the ones you mentioned. I hope you like these games. I am also interested in more fashion and pet games. Style Studio isn't 100% accessible, and as for virtual pets, I can never get enough of those!

How does

How does mobile aquarium work? Is it fully accessible?

Mobile aquarium

The game is fully accessible and is easy to navigate and use. Buy and take care of your fish, choose it's name and color, let it grow both in size and cash value and sell it later for more cash. You can have up to 5 fishes in your tank. Just be careful though, when there is no food in the tank, the fish will start eating each other.

dont really like that game

I don't really like Mobile Aquarium because it doesn'send you notifications. Like when your tank is unclean or it needs food and stuff.

Just keep an eye on the percentage of food in the tank.

There are a couple of tabs in the my tank menu. The first tab is food and it will show you the percentage of food left in the tank. The second tab is clean and it will show you the percentage on how clean the tank is. I guess this is one of those games where you can actually imagine having a real fish tank. It's not like a real fish will give you notifications lol. Into Wishon is the key to success.

Yeah I wish it had

Yeah I wish it had notifications to, but other than thatit is a great app

Someone should

Someone should make an app entry here if it isn't already.

I found it.

I found it but the person who submitted the app needs to update the entry.

Started playing

The game is ok so far. I have 4 fishes. Is there a way to earn money or do I have to sell the fish to get more.

Not that I know of. There is

Not that I know of. There is a game called Fashion Story, but it's not that accessible, not all things can be accomplished with VO.

At least

There would be a restaurant game coming out in the future so can't wait for that one. I remember the developer discussing it on here. So this will be a first.

Speaking of that game

I heard that food will be made using gestures. I just hope those gestures will be easy to perform, because in blindfold basketball, I find it extremely hard to shoot the ball using drawings. I have long since given up on that.

Restaurant game

Can you give me a link to where the game was announced on applevis


the game is still in the early stage of development. The game doesn't have a name yet. I remember her saying that it has something to do with a hotdog stand and cooking and serving people. That would be awesome. And on another topic, for mobile aquarium I didn't get any notifications and some of my fish died. I had to go out and I forgot to feed my fish and clean the tank. I really wish that I could get notified though.

I doubt

I doubt the game will get anymore updates.

Yes, the game hasn't

Yes, the game hasn't received any updates in a while.
It might be abandonware.

I just wish

I just wish Solara was still here, that game was addicting, it was pretty strategic too.

I Like Feminine Games Too

I've been looking for these for years: games that go for the heart rather than the head, even though I have plenty of brain-teasing word games, and monster/horror stories with an obviously male character.
I wanted something that would tap into my endorphins rather than adrenaline, something heart warming and adorable.
My then-little daughter, who can see, was playing My Pet Shop Secret and that really sounded feminine.
But of course it wasn't accessible, so Mommy couldn't play.
Now she is grown, and I've finally run into My Baby Sim, which is a warm fuzzy, compared to the realities of raising a baby when you and your mate are blind.
There's Little Girl Magic, though I haven't been able to get that started.
I'm in the market for any game that will be a warm fuzzy feminine endorphin rush: I mean, girlie in the extreme.
I'm tired of playing first person shooters with an obviously male character.
So, if you hear of anything, I'm listening.

hello everyone, I have been

hello everyone, I have been using this website for about two years actually, because one of my teachers once sent me this link when I was looking for more games for my iPhone. However, I just registered to this website a little over a month ago I think. But I check this website almost every day I mainly check The section on games, because I'm always looking for more iPhone and iPad games. The games I am mainly interested in are virtual pet and baby games. I have many of them and I have them all because of this website actually if it wasn't for this website I probably wouldn't have found any of them. The games I have our My baby sim and my baby sim 2, all the baby adopter games, hatchi, sometimes I actually also use Alien hatchi mobile aquarium, plant nanny, and little girl magic and scout legend. Oh, and I also have the pet panda one. ☺️ can any of you give me more recommendations of games? Also although I have check this website almost every day this is my first time posting on it, so sorry if I did something wrong.


Hello could someone please post links to Mobbles and style studio? I also want more games like this!

Unfortunately mobbles no

Unfortunately mobbles no longer works. And there’s not a voiceover thing. Even four sighted people the game doesn’t work anymore.

Sorry AutoCorrect really

Sorry AutoCorrect really messed up. I meant to say it is not a voiceover issue. It doesn’t work for anyone. Even for people who are sighted the game doesn’t work for them either.

Hello, I know this is a

Hello, I know this is a conversation that has been started a long time ago so this is why I’m going to ask the same question again. Are there any fashion games that work with voiceover? Also, are there any new virtual caring baby or Pet games? And lastly the my virtual girlfriend game, what is that game exactly? Is it like a game where you have a virtual friend? I have downloaded it but I really don’t get it.

a pet caring game

Thanx to audiogames forum I've discovered a new pet caring game yesterday
You can play it by using internet Explorer or chrome (I recommend chrome)

Thanks so much for your reply

Thanks so much for your reply but as for caring games or really any type of game I needed to be an application not something that you use on Google or anything computer related because I’m really bad at that kind of stuff. I’m definitely not patient with computers. I have one, but I barely use it.


Maybe you can try bitLife, a life simulation game. or alter ego

Question about

Hi all,

Is the virtual pet game hosted at playable in safari as well as Chrome/internet explorer?



hi. I already have alter ego

hi. I already have alter ego, however, I downloaded bit life, but don’t understand how to use it. Or rather, don’t know how to use it.

I have no idea

I use internet Explorer and Google Chrome so ı have no idea. But I think; why not?

I Don't Think Safari Works

It's strange. I was able to sign up and activate an account on that site, but wasn't able to play. I use JAWS with Chrome on a PC, and lots of items are clickable on there, but not on my iPhone or iPad using Safari.

Nurturing Games

I use my 'puter and iPhone way too much. Long story short: new ailments to cope with that cause severe stiffness and pain; everyone I loved either passed away or moved away. End of story: chronic loneliness. What I'd really like is a partner-caring game. Wouldn't it be great if, on opening AppleVis you come across a podcast called "Honeymoon", in which the object of the game is to care for and be cared for by a virtual partner? I've looked for such games; no luck yet. I've played My Baby Sim and Little Girl Magic. It gives a nice feeling of emotional attachment. I mean, I'd much rather have the real thing. But I'll take a virtual, if I can't have the real thing.
As for pet care games, I haven't tried those, as I have a real cat. I do love girlish games, though.

games that have been removed.

Good morning. I know this topic is old, so here are the games that have been removed. Both of the my baby sim games were removed from the app store back in November or December of last year, can't exactly remember when. I think those games had lots of room for potential if the devs had just continued to work on them. Here are the games that you can still find, all of the x2line games, including baby adopter, baby adopter holidays, baby adopter sea, milky baby, scout legend, little girl magic, and orange tree. They recently added a new one called baby adopter galaxy. Mobile aquarium is still around as well.

Hi I’m back.☺️

Hatchi is also still around but the notifications stopped working. I still play Hatchi though.☺️

I totally agree. This is my

I totally agree. This is my favorite kind of game and I feel like we're losing more games and not really gaining any.