Seeking immersive RPG fantasy audio games for the Mac

Hi all,
I was just wondering what fantasy games are available for the mac?
I'm looking for games that are rpg based meaning actions you take or don't do influence the outcome of the game or specific events in the game. For example, you may choose to steal a horse or not and that has consequences later on or you choose to help someone or decide not to help them, or you meet them later on in the game and help them if you didn't before, or if you walk down a street then later walk down the same street things have changed such as different people there or buildings have changed etc.
The more emmersive the game is the better.
Any help is greatly appreciated.



There's the inquisitor series of games by TiconBlu. They are what you are looking for. Unfortunately, they are the only type of game like this that is audio only. I don't know of any others like what you are referring to

Thank you

Thanks Justin. Interestingly, there seems to be one of the inquisitor games available for the mac. More are available on the iphone.
Wonder why there is only one or 2 for the mac? or at least, there is only 1 that shows up in the mac app store. I found a mac version of inquisitor's heartbeat, but it was quite expensive working out to 131 australian dollars, so have decided to wait until I have more money before purchasing that one. If anyone else out there knows of anymore games like the ones already mentioned, please feel free to add to the thread.

Upcoming Option

I'm helping develop an accessible fantasy RPG for PC, but I've tried it in Wineskin on my Mac and it works that way - so that will be an option, when we release the game.


Awesome! sounds great, please comment here when it's out so I and others can grab it. :) I'd be interested in knowing more, but if you would rather not share right away that's fine.

Re: Upcoming Game

Yeah, I definitely will. It'll be a while yet - it's not around the corner or anything, but we are definitely well into the development process and are in the final leg of production. There's a thread on the forums over at titled "Introducing: Out of Sight Games" that has a lot more info, and you can follow us at @OutOfSightGames but I admittedly don't tweet nearly as much as I should.

I don't want to spam Applevis with too much self-promotion, but feel free to check out that forum for more info or you can email me and I'd be happy to discuss it.