Should I get six ages or king of dragon pass?

Should I get six ages or king of dragon pass? They’re both $10 so I have to choose wisely. Which one is better? I have heard good things about both of them.


I don't think there's a true answer.

Both are accessible and both are difficult and challenging. I have king of dragon pass, but heard that six ages are even more complex. Honestly i regret my purchase, because I feel that those games caters only to the best of strategists. I haven't won a single game ever since I bought it in 2013. I like playing games I can eventually beat, but to each there own. Apparently six ages are better from what i heard.

Get King of Dragon Pass

Get King of Dragon Pass, is my recommendation. The horse people you play in Six Ages are cool but a little more niche than the Orlanthi, who you play in King of Dragon Pass. The arc of the game is also a little more clear in KoDP. There is also more documentation online for KoDP. They're both great games, though.

Just some quick advice on KoDP, since it sounds like some others are having trouble. Blessings from shrines are what make your civ do well in the long run, so make sure to build shrines when possible. I personally focus on shrines to increase trade and trade goods early, and then use the trade goods to do well in events that come up, to build more shrines, and to develop trade routes. You should try to max out your trade routes early on, you'll know that's happened when you get a message about someone not trading with you from now on because you have too many trade routes.

Unlike most games, you can't really be super specalized on KoDP. Learn when it's best to do things. If you never raid, you will have problems because your warriros are unhappy, but if you raid too much your farmers might be unhappy, and so on. Everything in its season. As the game goes on, you may have enough goods to smooth over problems and to be a little more bull-headed. but in the beginning and past or the middle you're building up your infrastrcture Don't forget to expore your immediate area (your tulula or whatever) to find trade goods to make more money. In the mid game, completing quests is completely essential, I personally have no prblem save scumming these as they're quite random. Some are really hard to compelte and some I can complete 95% of the time, like the trading quest. The cow quest is super hard and random, for example.

Your ring is pretty improtant because it determines how you can spend your magic and how much you have. You want to have 3 men and 4 women, or 4 men and 3 women. You want to have a differnt god represented with each ring member, don't double up. Your leader should worship your main god, which you choose at the start, and going with Orlanth makes things easier because his worshippers have high leadership. Try to have a trickster on the ring if possible, they're useful and also highly amusing. I always have a worshipper of the god of trade so I can put more magic into trade.

Later you'll be asked to split your clan if you have too many members. I've been able to put this off and have a really big clan or whatever by keeping everyone happy and giving out money as needed, and then I use the big clan to bully a few other tribes in the mid to late game and make a lot of goods and cows. In Dragon Pass I even usually eliminate one or two clans over the course of the game, and you really have to beat them down for that to happen. Let them sue for peace every now and then to get even more money. To get a lot more karls, wait until you are approached saying you don't have enough karls, then send people out to find more karls. When you're super low are karls because they're all out looking, immediatly hire the max number of karls in your military screen. You'll get those and then another bunch when your guys come back. There are some blessing that really really help with military, you should try to get all of them by the late game, plus some battle trasures if you can.

Good luck!

Six Ages is easier for beginners

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The app developer learned a lot from developing King of Dragon Pas. I recommend you start ith Six Ages and benefit from the more thoughtful approach. This is particularly evident with exploration where blind people don't have to struggle with the map. There are nice descriptions of scenes for VoiceOver usrs and many other enhancements. Remember to play with VoiceOver hints enabled.Pesonaly, I don't mind if I never win. Glorantha is a really fun well developed worldd to play in. King of Dragon Pass is a brilliant game which I keep on my iPHONE but these days, I'm realy digging into Six Ages. The developers realy care about blind participants and it shows in many different ways from art descriptions to the use of VoiceOver hints to convey extra information in a handy method.