sinking a folder of custom music to iPod touch/iPhone

I have a folder on my computer with episodes of a tv show and some movies. before I sinked the tv shows and movies however, i converted them to mp3 and gave each episode a number like this, 01.mp3, 02.mp3, 03.mp3, 04.mp3, and so on. on my windows10 computer the episodes are shown and they all play in order. But when sinked to the iPod touch through itunes they all get renamed and they are all out of order and mixed up, with headings sometimes which don't even make sense. making playing them in order almost not possible. so I deleted that itunes library from both the iPod touch and windows 10 laptop. How do I sink the library so the fileNames are kept, and everything plays and is listed in order on my iPod touch?


sincing files individually

I tried adding the files, one file at a time. But when I get to episode14, it puts episode14 at the top of the list, before episode1. I want episode14 at the bottom of the list because it should be played after episode13. I convert tv shows to mp3 when possible because it takes up less room and I don't have to see the video anyway. i got these tv shows from someone else a few years ago. Even adding the files individually still does not put them in order. Would a playlist do what I want? How do I make one, if it will let me have the mp3 files in the order I want because the order itunes thinks they should be in, is wrong. would a playlist work? if so how do i make one in itunes for windows10 then sync it over to the iPhone/iPod touch?

The key is tagging

I think the key to getting the files in order is to make sure the ID3 tags are correct. I think iTunes uses the tags rather than the filenames to label the files. You could use something like mp3tag to fix up the tags. You'd want the album name to be the same (title of the show/movie) on all the files, artist too. Then the title should be the unique file number.

Creating a playlist should also work.


Sometimes when I have a song that someone gave me and I rename it, it tends to just say unknown album. Regarding put them in order hope you can figure it out. When I created a list of songs, I could not put them in order.

nothing i tried worked so far


I am trying to edit the tags across multiple mp3 files with this mp3 tag editor.

I want to set it up so all the mp3 files play in order when I sync my iTunes library to my iPhone/iPod touch and to do that I have to modify the tags of each mp3. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong though because when I hit the tag1 button and it says from filename and then I save, go to tools, number tracks, hit ok, hit save. Then re-import into iTunes the files are still out of order. Has anyone used the above software with NVDA? What is the best way ;to make a folder full of mp3 files play in order from first to last? I have the files numbered 1 through 131. But this does not help. does anyone know how to use this mp3 tag editor? the mp3 tag editor by nch, you have to pay for that one. but the one listed above is free.


I think the problem could have occurred when you originally converted the files to MP3. by default, file attributes are set to read only. you will need to uncheck read only for file attributes which include tags before you convert the files. if you didn't tag the files, you will need to tag them as follows. album artist equals name of TV show, contributing artist equals name of TV show, track number equals Number of the episode, album equals season of TV show, track name equals episode number/name. i'm pretty sure you can do all the tag editing in iTunes. Hope this helps.