Skype on OS X

I've looked around in my view settings and Skype preferences, and can't find anything that has been changed. Recently, my Skype started just saying the messages from people in the grid, not saying names unless I interacted. This is especially annoying in large Skype conferences where many people are talking at once.
Is there a way to reverse the chat grid so it acts like it used to?



Hmm. Not sure. Maybe tart by

Hmm. Not sure. Maybe tart by looking here for some info. I have not had the issue I always interact with the grid anyway tough.

Take care.

The Grid

I interact with the grid as well, but I'm finding myself having to interact with the actual Skype chat messages inside the grid to see who they're from.

RE: Skype on OS X

Is it possible to show message as a list? It is possible to do as such with contacts and I really like that but the grid is nerve-racking to me as well.

Skype on OS10

There is a option in messaging in Skype preferences that says use compact chart style.