sleep and apple watch

Okay, so this seems like a silly question, but I cannot possibly be the only one with this problem.

Admittedly, I still wear both a fitbit and an apple watch. Why you ask? Because my fitbit flex2 is smaller, and it tracks my sleep. That said, now there are plenty of Apple Watch apps that track sleep. So I'm thinking when my fitbit bites the dust, perhaps I'll track sleep with the watch only. Except...

I have tried to take naps with the watch on and/or I have accidentally forgotten to take it off when going to bed. I remember real quick when my covers hit the watch, and Voice Over begins babbling at me.

And there is my problem. To those of you sleeping with your apple watch, how on earth are you doing it? Turning VO off doesn't seem practical, because if you use something like sleep cycle, then you can't kill the alarm. So what is the answer to this? Or, did you just learn to drown out the random babbling of your watch after a while? Or, am I the only crazy one who sleeps in such a way where this is an issue? I hardly think option three is the answer.

Any tips and/or tricks would be great. The good news, my fitbit is still alive and well at the moment. So there's time to figure this out.


Water lock is your friend

I usualy turn on water lock before going to sleep. It will act like a screen lock and that usually solves most accidental unwanted nighttime mumbling from the watch. Either that, or I turn the VO volume way down, to lets say 20 percent, or even better, do both :)


Some apps may also stop your screen from talking at you. I use SleepCycle, and if I start a sleep session from my watch, it locks down the watch until you stop the alarm in the morning. The only problem with this is the fact that you can't stop the alarm from your watch, meaning you have to stop it from your phone before being able to use your watch again, but that's a minor annoyance in my opinion.

sleep cycle

Yeah, I figured out, the hard way, that it kills your screen and/or voice over. The only part I don't like, on the phone I have the option to have no alarm on the weekends. It doesn't appear that is an option with the watch app. At any rate, wish I'd read this before testing and thinking I'd bricked my apple watch.

water lock

I thought about using waterlock, but wasn't sure if it would interfere with any of the functions of tracking. Good to know it won't?


App Developer

hi, sorry for the question...
but what its waterlock?

i just paired my Apple watch yesterday so i have to many questions...

Do not disburse

Have it on from 1030 PM to 5:00 AM. Get nothing regarding notification.

Control P

Slide down to control, tap on it, slide until you find it and tap to turn it on. To turn it off, you have to use crown by turning it until you hear a sound.