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many thanks to the applevis community for helping create better voice over implementation, and leading the way to build a better app for folks (sighted, visually impaired, and blind) who want to make new friends, or seek casual dating and long term relationship opportunities.

Vorail is a voice-only messaging community to ask, answer, and make new friends. The Vorail community includes folks who are married, single, and divorced. Some are looking to make new friends, while others seek casual dating or a serious relationship.

please join our beta testing community, your voice matters.

"you fall in love with the voice first, there’s so much richness and intonation within a voice that gives clues to a person’s personality" (Kevin Satizabal, Royal London Society for the Blind)



#51 @Holger Fiallo

App Developer

"there is no way to hear my own voice to see if I like how I sound"
.. after you record your own voice, did app playback your voice?
i am adding to list of issues to provide a way for us to hear our voices at any time, not just the moment after we record ourselves, but in a way that does not add buttons to UI.

"Also the only female voice was your helper Sheila. Hope more people use it."
.. there are currently three female voices in vorail, and about thirty beta testers in total. dating sites tend to have more men than women, however we believe vorail approach will be attractive to women. marketing will be an uphill climb, but before we reach for larger numbers, need to iron out app tech and logic. we encourage everybody to search all (both gender, any location, any age), like lots of folks, and do the thirty second calls. after beta testing, can remove all the likes. need to test the real time voice chat. folks may want to 'Silent mode'. current version of app, when the people you liked, that also liked you, are both online, your device will ring and connect.

#52 Speaker

Is theer a way you could get the app to enable speaker phone so we may use the screen while talking etc?

#53 Invite expired

Hi Tom,

The log in key that was emailed to me did not work. TestFlight said invitation expired.


#54 @Apple Khmer

App Developer

yes we can :) on iphone 4s, on search results page, the sound comes through speaker phone. please remind me, what device are you using? the search result voices are coming through the ear speaker, and not the speaker phone on your device, correct?

#55 @Zon Ogayon

App Developer

please email me your email address and i can reset apple page to send you another invite, or post your email address here. i am

each beta version is good for 60 days, and we have been posting a new version each day. today's build is 151211 and starting with this build, the build number shows on app home screen.

when you open test flight app on your phone, does it show vorai app and allow you to open or re-download it?

#56 update

I just got the new update. It change the format. I see me matches along with other and ask to enter special code. I can not see anything about how to select matches. Just hear voices by going to pass. Looks to complicated compare to the previous version.

#57 IPhone 6


Yes, I'm referring to when a call is made and I'm talking to the person. Is there a way you can have the app go tp speaker after I take my ear away from the phone?

#58 @Holger Fiallo

App Developer

the new update shows 'build 151211 on home screen, correct? i did not see a place to enter any codes? you do search, select search criteria (radius, gender, age range), then search result screens show... at what point are you being asked for a code and what exactly is the wording?

current build, search results pages have two buttons, 'like' and 'next'. we are thinking to add a third button, 'Reply' or 'Comment'. what do you and others think about adding a third button to search results page?

the main change between this version and previous version is in the recording voice screen layout (and conforming to voice over with the layout).

thank you :)

#59 @Apple Khmer

App Developer

yes, there is. the iphone has proximity detection, a sensor knows if our ear is near the speaker. we will revisit that part of the code, to detect if your ear is near the phone during a call. when you do search, playing audio from the search result screens plays through speaker phone, correct?

#60 Yes

The audio in the search results plays through the standard speaker.

#61 update

No. I do not see anything like you said. When I run the app, it shows, me, matches, flag, button. When I go to me, I see enter code.

#62 Like Buttons

I see in the latest build, you have both the mutual likes and people I liked on the homescreen. It might look cleaner if you put both likes under one button. A user can click on the likes button, and then click on the choices of mutual or people I liked buttons inside of that one like button.

#63 Search

In search, everytime I want to do a search, I have to select gender and age. Will help if this does not reset and your choice will stay. Also it seen that there are no one in there beside Shelley.

#64 @Holger Fiallo

App Developer

got it :)

title: remember search settings
content: app should remember search settings. regardless of where i travel in the app, or what day i use the app, the default search settings should be set to the most recent time i set search settings.

in my search results, (all location, all age), there were 8 females and more male, i did not count the males. if you see only one search result, is it related to your radius, gender, or age search settings?

#65 @Apple Khmer

App Developer

got it.

title: likes layout
content: on home screen, combine people i liked and mutual likes into a single button, could call the button "Likes". when i press "Likes" i am given a choice on the following page between "People I like" and "Mutual likes". the default for following page could be "Mutual likes" and i can toggle back and forth with a segment control.

#66 @Holger Fiallo

App Developer

i see from the apple screen that you have installed the most recent build, 151212. the build number shows on app home screen. i am not aware of any place in the app that says, "enter code". could you email me a screen shot?

#67 Fix

When I went to the test app and enter on vorail install the new version. For a strange reason I got one that did not look like the beta test.

#68 @Apple Khmer

App Developer

build 151212 should fix this issue. when your ear is to the phone audio plays out of ear speaker. when ear far from phone, audio plays out of speaker phone. i tested this on search results page, and phone did not proximity. how did it work in your testing? i was not able to test during a call because everybody else has been offline or in background when i open vorail to foreground. we are working on better approach to notifications when vorail in background.

#69 @Holger Fiallo

App Developer

the new version looks very similar to previous versions. not sure what is happening inside test flight. if you like, i can have apple resend you the invite.

#70 I would like to beta test

I would like to beta test this app. I'm at Thanks!

#71 Want to joyn

Hi! I like also to joyn on testing this app email me at thanks

#72 Proximity

The proximity feature is sort of working right now. The issue is it is on all the time. It should only be on when a call is connected.

#73 @Apple Khmer

App Developer

whoops, sounds like we were too far left the first attempt, too far right the second attempt. see if we can get right at the center in third attempt. how are you testing the proximity feature? are you able to make calls, connect with others in real time chats through vorail? that feature is not really working yet because it requires both sides to have vorail running in the foreground (which is rare event).

#74 @Ken Downey @AJ

App Developer

welcome aboard! you should have received invite emails from apple to test flight beta testing for vorail, and i also emailed both of you. thanks. tom

#75 Test

I was testing it when it automatically made a call and during other parts of the app.

#76 @Apple Khmer

App Developer

today's build 151213 does not auto call if one side of the mutual likes has vorail in background. tech believes in most recent build, the proximity sensor will only be activated during call.

#77 Question: can we have

Question: can we have multiple results per page, so we're not always having to click next? Also, I like the comments idea. This app is starting to seem as much a chatting app as a dating app, like Melt but better. The main difference, of course, is how many messages you can add per day.

#78 3 Finger Swipe + Push Notifications + Location Services

Member of the AppleVis Blog Team


I just thought I'd share that it is possible to navigate search result with a 3 finger swipe left and/or right.
I never use the next button as it involves to much swiping left to the play button, and then swiping right again to get to the next button when playback is finished.

I personally think push notifications for likes, and possibly comments, would be a really nice feature to add.

Also, I am unable to use Vorail if I have location services disabled.
I understand the reason behind this, but is it not possible for the user to manually input their location and for Vorail to remember it?

Great work!

Kind regards,

#79 Proximity

for sme reason, the audio is coming through speaker while I hold my phone to my ear vs when my ear is away from the phone. I mean, I can also hold my finger to the earpiece and the audio will com through speaker vs through the earpiece. So, you might want to work in the prroximity setting a bit more.

#80 @Ken Downey

App Developer

hi Ken, as of today, build 151214, search results in list view, multiple results per page. the next button removed. i had not used Melt app before. i like the way they encourage conversations among multiple people, and new folks can view the history of the conversation as well as join in the conversation. would be interesting if doing the conversations voice-only changes (improves) quality of user generated content. I also am attracted to the idea of limiting how many messages a user can add per day. if i can only add one (or two, three) messages per day, i'm going to pay attention to make that one, two or three messages the highest quality, which is good for all.

#81 @Niall Gallagher

App Developer

for search results, we changed to list view, and removed the next button (in build 151214). registered your vote on push notifications, which is same as my vote. we keep records of requested features. for 'location services' issue, how about... app requires location services at least once, but in future, if location services is disabled, app will run with most recent location. this approach is easy on the coding, prevents someone from entering in a false location, and allows user to save batteries. my sister disables location services to save battery.

#82 search

Search is much easy to use. However do not know if it works well since there is no female voices to listen beside Shelley.

#83 Kindly resend...

Hi Tom,

Kindly resend the invite to my email at

Thank you.

#84 @Holger Fiallo

App Developer

i searched, 9 females in results. what are your search criteria settings? mine were any location, any age. there are about thirty beta testers in total.

#85 Zon Ogayon

App Developer

an invitation from apple to beta test vorail was emailed to you a few minutes ago :)

#86 @Apple Khmer

App Developer

got it, we will take another look at proximity detection code and test more :)

#87 Got it!

Hey Tom,

Thank you, I am now testing the app. ;)


#88 Research

Anywhere, women, age 30 to 42

#89 Just sent a mail, If the

Just sent a mail, If the beta application is still open I would also like to test this app.
@vorail, there's currently an application called vorail in appstore, is that an outdated app? or the app is already released.

#90 @Holger Fiallo

App Developer

how many search results are female if you set age to any? once we get the app mechanics working smoother (eg. everything working well with voice over), and add one or two more major features, then we can release to the public and focus on improving search results.

#91 @Hadi

App Developer

hi Hadi, yes, beta testing is open and you are needed! the beta testers have been providing awesome feedback, the app is much better than day one, but still has much that needs fixing and building. the app store version of vorail is totally different, functions, layout, database all different, it is just a place holder put in place to let us do the beta testing. with the beta group, we have been releasing one new build each day, but in the apple system, apple has to be the one that emails you or pushes notification to your device. once beta testing is further along, we will be allowed to update the version in app store. thank you, tom

#92 Thoughts

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

I'd also vote for push notifications, essential in my opinion.
Curious about the talk of message areas involving multiple people, do you not change the focus of the app in that case, away from dating and towards being a forum? Or have I misunderstood, I never used Melt.

#93 same here

I thought this was suppose to be dating app and not a chatroom. I am looking for date app and not interested in any chatroom.

#94 @Holger Fiallo

App Developer

vorail includes functions like search by distance to me, gender or age, and three minute voice calls for mutual likes (when vorail is in foreground on both devices). these functions are useful for dating. we are looking for more natural discovery tools, something to augment age, gender, and location. that is why we are planning to add "ask" button on search results screen, and perhaps include more than one question, more than "what happened today?". our aim is to make vorail the safest way to meet new people online. maybe there should be more ways to post voice, some dialogue, back and forth before choosing to enter a three minute real time call?

#95 @Dave82

App Developer

glad to receive your vote for push notifications. i added it to the tech ticket for this feature (with more votes, the task gets higher priority).

in terms of "message areas involving multiple people", our thinking is to include more ways to add our voice, more ways to hear the voices of others. i feel confined by only being offered the chance to answer a single question ('what happened today?'). i love the question, but could i have a different question tomorrow? i would prefer a new question each time i visit, and if there is someone i am interested in, i would like to hear that person reply on multiple topics. what do you think?

#96 on the latest build

Hi Tom,

I am using the latest build ****15 and noticed that after has shown the search result the VO reads differently when flicking right / left and running my finger up / down. Example.

1. when flicking finger right / left: VO reads
Play voice of
Play voice of
Play voice of
Play voice of

...and so on. This I think is correct reading.

2. When running a finger up / down: VO reads
Play voice of
Play voice of
Play voice of
Play voice of

...and so on. This I think skips some buttons.

Do you also experience this?

#97 @John I've just tested the

@John I've just tested the new update, I'm not getting the experience you're getting, maybe someone else could also chime on here about this
@vorail I've tested the app some hours ago and sent you my foundings and a suggestion. My suggestion was insteantly! implemented, So I imagine that You've also read the bugs that i've sent you. Is it more comfortable for you that if i send my feedback and suggestions to the forum? or email would be fine too.

As for the questions, I also think that asking for "What you've done today" for all users can be a bit annoying and repetitive. So i took the plunge and just talked about the weather and also about the app.
I think the feature of ask and answer would be challenging and fun, and It'd be something unique for this app. I also think that we should be free to attach a voice talking about random things (perhaps whatever we want at that time).

#98 @Jhon

App Developer

hi @Jhon,
on search results, flick right/left i get same results as you do. for flick up/down, VO spells the button for me, and spells the user name (plus some other words, that i am not sure where they came from). according to VO conventions, what should be the behavior of flick up/down? when using the app, i have flick right/left, but ignore flick up/down. what is flick up/down usually used for?
thanks, tom

#99 @Hadi

App Developer

hi @Hadi,

very much appreciate your feedback and the feedback from others. email and this forum both very convenient, we do not have preference.

the feedback we are getting 'one question' is running both ways. some folks would like to see "add new voice" change each day. could change to a question that interest our community, or a topic that relates to the accomplishments of a vorail user. some folks feel multiple questions could make the user experience confusing or fragmented. as next step, we are planning to change "add new voice" to "Next I plan...?" and see/feel how folks respond.

the current user interface only allows others to hear the most recent voice you record, but we plan to change that. we need to find the most simple way for people to talk about what is important to them. one way is, per one of our tester's suggestion, make the question more generic. maybe we can do it through the ask/answer user interface. i am adding this to the tech ticket on fostering community and more natural discovery.

your comments remind me... if you could ask someone who was interested to meet you a question, what would it be?


#100 @vorail

I see. Well, As of right now, If I'm understanding correctly, The voice recording is attached to your profile like a photo or a cover. This is a very cool concept and I like it. It sounds like that your identity is defined by that single voice file.
IMO, That identity tag could be anything other than "what you did today" That is why i suggested that maybe that one file tag/profile cover , just could be anything you decide, other than a narrowed down question. Perhaps someone wants his/her profile voice tag to be teasing, or some other guy wants to focus on his professions, or a girl wants to sing a short song.
That's why in dating apps or even in social media, profile photos are different and are chosen by style and preference. someone decides to have a photo cover of himself in a chair of an airplane's captain, while someone prefers to have a photo of herself in a flowery garden while she poses in a sexy manner. Some other person however, just has a profile photo of him/herself in a horror costume!
Now, I might be a bit late to the party, or I may go off-road when it comes to the basic purpose of this app, But I really want to see this concept in this app:
When I hear a voice from a lady that I'm interested in, It'd be cool If i could open up a small profile page of her and could access to some more voice recordings of her other than that single voice which came up with the search. I'd like that profile page to contain more voices of her so I could know her better or just explore the personality of that person by her voice recording(s) on her profile page. Now this could also be integrated with the ask/answer feature that you're implementing in, But I just wanted to write what feature is on my wishlist for this app.

As for the questions, I'll think and see what i can come up with! most of them probably would be personal questions, starting from easy ones such as "favourit music genre and bands/artists, food and living style" to more private questions such as preferences in sexual interactions