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many thanks to the applevis community for helping create better voice over implementation, and leading the way to build a better app for folks (sighted, visually impaired, and blind) who want to make new friends, or seek casual dating and long term relationship opportunities.

Vorail is a voice-only messaging community to ask, answer, and make new friends. The Vorail community includes folks who are married, single, and divorced. Some are looking to make new friends, while others seek casual dating or a serious relationship.

please join our beta testing community, your voice matters.

"you fall in love with the voice first, there’s so much richness and intonation within a voice that gives clues to a person’s personality" (Kevin Satizabal, Royal London Society for the Blind)



Vorail 1.59 (1603242) live

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.. preventing screen lock during recording
.. added voice over announcement, “start recording” when device is ready to record
.. the ask-all we create now show up in our questions screen (after creating the ask-all, need to leave questions screen, then return to questions screen to force a refresh, then our new ask-all shows)


Hope you fixed focus issue. When in a person listening to the question and wanting to slide up to respond, you lose focus and goes to the next person.


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hi @Holger, i tried but was not able to replicate. did i follow the correct steps?
.. visit questions screen
.. right flick a few times
.. double tap to play question
.. flick left
the playback stop, and focused moved one question earlier.

i tried same steps on profile page, but focus seemed to be corect, flick left for previous voice recording, flick right for next voice recording.

what does it mean "slide up to respond"? same as flick up, correct? when you finish listening to the question, focus moves by itself?


I just noticed that with the new update, the problems are gone.


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hi @Holger, please let me know if the issues re-appear. we have had voice over focus 'floating' or moving when we do not expect type issues. tom

Vorail 1.59 (1603261) live

App Developer

minor fixes:
.. reduce footprint of app on our devices
.. updated voice over announcements per feedback
.. play “start recording” every time we double tap to start recording a message


Just want to know how long the beta will continue and the next step after finishing beta?


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hi @Holger, feedback from Vorail users has resulted in 426 tech issues. at this point, we have 148 still open. we plan to continue publishing to external beta testers for some time. beta program always gets fixes and new features first, and if it takes us multiple tries to fix an issue, the beta program allows quick iterations, fixing issues in less time.

Vorail 1.60 (1603301) live

App Developer

.. extending voice over announcement of tags to inbox
.. changing “start recording” voice over announcement to a default sound, in attempt to have the notification sound on all devices, all of the time, when starting to record
.. fixed a bug that caused an app crash, and many other minor improvements

Vorail 1.60 (1604032) live

App Developer

.. fixed hiccup error (maybe, need your feedback if there are hiccups, repeats or pauses when we begin to play a message)
.. screen will no longer dim or auto-lock on playback
.. new audio system sound when message sent

Vorail 1.60 (1604041) live

App Developer

.. fixed a recent bug that causes crashes
.. a new approach to resolve the hiccup/pause/repeat that sometimes occurs at beginning of message playback (i think hiccup issue is still an issue)
.. fixed answers to ask-all temporarily showing in feed twice (but still working on it, looks like this issue also still an issue)
and other minor improvements.

Vorail 1.61 (1604076) live

App Developer

.. another attempt to fix hiccup issue (sometimes when listening to a voice, there is brief repeating or blank at start of playback). this new approach will possibly only fix hiccup issue if sender is also on most recent beta build
.. start/finish chime & vibration synchronized
.. in profile, include standard rotor actions (eg. add an answer)


When you hear a comment, you hear the sane word twice. Sound like a echo.


App Developer

hi @Holger, exactly, we have spent lot of time in past week trying to fix this. not yet found an approach that works. at start of playback, there is a stutter, a repeat of a word or two. start of playback is a high energy consumption point, device is downloading voice from the cloud and playing through speaker. we have tested with full batter, empty battery, connected to cable, overloaded network connection and with ample bandwidth, to try and discover what is causing the but. we plan to spend the next few weeks on the following priorities, and then return to playback issue.
.. #457, #201, #311, enable new users to open direct to feed, and prevent duplicate names
.. #413, double tap “listen to all answers” auto plays all answers
.. #442, new tab AM / V
.. #314 add ability to like an ask/answer, separate from like a person
.. #378: opt-in push notifications "A question you answered has received a new answer"

Bugs and concerns

I am noticing with the new update I get the following bug. In feed when I listen to respond, and slide right the recording still playing even when I tap on someone else. Concern changing name, please can you limit it people are changing names so much that you do know who is who.

Loging in

Can not open vorail. It says in progress setting up. It has been several minutes. Before got message about needing to set my network vorail does not work with data. I am using wifi. Bug?


App Developer

hi @Holger, vorail works on cellular data plans and wifi. there are currently slightly more than usual number of users online. everything looking normal from our end. you are still seeing "loading" or "working" forever? tried exiting vorail from app switcher? please keep in touch, tom.

muting tag

Hi, Tom. I got new update. Can you change it instead of seen it next to the other tags put it so we can flick our finger up or down to mute a tag. I almost muted a tag that I did not want due to losing focus.

Muting threads

As of the latest beta build I don't think there is an option to unmute threads. I was just testing to see how it worked but I don't see an option for unmuting. Am I missing something? (If not then that's fine).
Also, when you mute a thread, does it just mute the thread or does it also mute the person who posted the thread?


Yes. if you are using new update for beta version.


Hi, Tom
It is happening again. Vorail is not loading all the time. and when play a question or answer it does not play. I also got error message when I attempted to send a private message it said saving for several minutes and got error. Do not recall error. It is not my WIFI or my phone everything else works with email, and anything else.

connect to wifi error

App Developer

this error occurs when the app cannot reach the apple or google backend (Vorail uses both apple and google back end services). this error goes away when network issues clear up. everything on server shows working well, and folks from other locations are able to use Vorail right now. i have heard turning wifi on/off helps, or switching to cellular data is a work around. we think switching wifi on/off will not help in most cases, but switching to cellular data to get Vorail started, then switching back to wifi seems to help (Vorail uses apple back end a startup, but google back end for rest of services).


Did so but did not work. I even reset my WWIFI and nothing.

Vorail is essentially dead

I turned off Wifi, launched vorail and still nothing. I tried it earlier today and it didn't work so I gave it a while. Hopefully it'll come back.

network connectivity error

App Developer

we are getting reports today and yesterday that this error occurs for hours, then disappears, and everything works. if you run into this error, please state your location. today and yesterday issues have been with folks in UK and Chicago.

Expired Beta


I'm getting a message saying my beta has expired when attempting to open the app. I also just received a message from another user on there, but I cannot access it due to the aforementioned message.

beta expired

App Developer

apple limits the life of beta releases. i received same message you did. please download Vorail from the app store. next beta release will be for the Android side, but will try to get a minor iOS beta release before end of February (not sure we will hit this date, long way before Android side catches up to iOS side). tom


Alright, will my profile be intact, or will I have to create a new one?

beta expired

App Developer

your profile will be intact, everything remains the same. you may be asked if you want to enable push notifications.

Beta test

Is this app still available for beta testing?

thank you AppleVis

App Developer

@Autumn we love AppleVis, but all resources are going to the Vorail Companion. the dedicated hardware approach allows us to build the ultimate Vorail experience equally accessible to iOS, Android, low vision, blind, and sighted users.