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Hi Solara fans, Firstly I would like to say what a brilliant and addictive game Solara is. I have not played anything like this before. I am on level 13 but still have no idea what some of the stats mean. For example, 'Melee' I imagine is something to do with fighting. I am also a bit confused if you read the stats from left to right or right to left. For example when in the heroes screen, tap on Rusty footman, says level, fine with that, life, 367 Armor 10 Resist 0 Bash 50 percent chance exposes enemy to a critical hit attack 88 Melee damage . If you read from Melee damage, the stats can be completely different than if you read from life. Hope this makes sense. So if there is anywhere that gives details on what is what I would very much appreciate being pointed in the right direction so I can look and gain a better understanding. I am also wondering how to build my Esper points up? I think I am right in saying they increase a lot slower than before the update, but I don't think I have gained any more since I have been playing, just under a week now. Thanks in anticipation



Hello there Karen! About esper, the fastest way to gain them is by completing challenge quests. You can also get big amount of esper points by earning the 1st, 2nd or 3rd positions at the end of the weekly battle tournaments, but its a bit difficult to do so.


Hi Zaina Thanks for your help. I have managed to gain 10 esper by completing a challenge . Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Take care

Character stats list

I just started creating a character stats list and would like your help completing it. Actually I could use everyone's help if they have any data I can add. I need hit points, defense, resist, attack, and strength of special abilities for all classes at most levels, especially those under level 39. When it is more complete I will share it, and any contributors may want to give me their apple gamecenter or iTunes ID *if they are comfortable sharing* as I might be able to get esper labs to pay espers to those who help with this and other guides for the game.

The Guide

I'd love to help but I'm not sure how or what you need. Do you mean the stats such as melee, armor etc?

Yes that's it. Melee I

Yes that's it. Melee I believe is the type of damage dealt by physical attacks, and the info given in the heroes menu should specifically say attack and follow with a number. Those numbers for life defense resist and attack are what I need.

Stats List

I have added as much as I can to the character stats list as I can for now, and have copied it to my dropbox account. Here is a link to it: If anyone has any data to add please email me at:

You've probably already

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You've probably already worked this out, but melee refers to hand-to-hand combat, ranged is usually archery, and magic damage should be obvious. You read from top to bottom, since when you click a hero, the stat sheet appears on the right of the hero list. I believe the numbers represent how much damage or penalty is applied per use of the special ability or buff it refers to.

Hero Stats?

Hi there, How is the Hero stats guide coming along? Thanks.

Here is a link to my dropbox

Here is a link to my dropbox where you can view the excell file I have currently. It is still being developed, but I am almost finished with everything except for the cost for leveling up using different game configurations.

Solara Hero Stats

Hi. Played this game when it first came out but stoppd and have recently got back into it. Would love to look at these stats but sadly the dropbox link no longer works. Interested really because of knowing how to battle creatures and win esper. Thanks.


I just basically train my characters. The higher level they are, the more damage their stats are. I basically had to train my Dragoon because we are up against for gremlins. And the only way to keep them at bay is to use damage that is 320 or higher.