sounds and clicks

So when I use my 4s, I receive audio clicks and other sounds as I navigate around an app or select a button. My friend just purchased a 4s, but receives no audio feedback other than VO. I've compared the sound and VO settings on our two phones and they match, so there must be a setting elsewhere that I'm missing. Does anyone know how to activate the feedback clicks and sounds? Thanks for the help.


Has your friend's phone been muted?

I don't know how knew you are to the iPhone's layout, but on the left-hand side of the phone, if it is held in your hand with the touchscreen facing you and the audio jack upward, is a switch. If you pull that switch toward you, you will unmute the phone--in other words, turn sounds back on. I sort of wish the alarm would respect the mute switch. Even when the phone is muted, the alarm will sound. Maybe there's a setting I've overlooked somewhere. I hope this has helped, Shersey

Alarm and Mute Switch

Hi, The mute switch is the only solution I have to this problem as well. As far as alarms go, they don't abide by the mute switch's rules because I guess Apple figures if you set them up in the first place, you really want them.

I guess.

It makes things kind of hard, though. My fiance and are on different sleep schedules, so having the alarm respect the mute switch would be important, since I would really prefer not to wake him when I'm in the same room in which he is sleeping. Thanks, Shersey

Understandable. I think then

Understandable. I think then what you would want to do is set the alarm like normal, choose a sound and all, and then turn the volume all the way down before you go to sleep and have the phone where you can hear/feel it vibrate. this won't work for me using VO and my iPhone as a clock during the night, but it may work for you.

Thanks, Chelsea.

That's a good idea. I'll give that a shot and see if it works okay. My fiance is very sensitive to unexpected soundd, so I'm hoping I can get it low enough to not disturb him. Thanks, Shersey

thanks you two

Wow, that seems like such an obvious solution now, but I sure didn't think of it until you mentioned it. Thanks for the responses.

Less disturbing alarms. I

Less disturbing alarms. I like timba because it is very quiet and low key. I also created custom ring tones which don't send me leaping up to the ceiling in the morning. I really enjoy the control the iphone gives over alarms. I haven't fsion a clock that comes close.