Speak auto text turns off automatically after it is turn on for voiceover user

The speak auto text option found in settings, accessibility, spoken content, typing feedback, speak auto text seems to turn off automatically every time it is turned on. For a while, it seems to work properly. However, after a point, it turns off without user consent and requires that user go back to accessibility to turn it back on

One. Enable voiceover screen reader.

Two. Go to settings, accessibility, spoken content, typing feedback, and turn speak auto text on

Three. When typing in various applications, voiceover will announce text that is automatically corrected (This is proper behavior).

Four. After a point, the speak auto text feature will turn off without voiceover user consent. This means that voiceover user will have to return to accessibility and turn speak auto text back on over and over again (this is incorrect).

User has had difficulty triggering this issue. The duration of time seems to vary. However, it does occur every single time that speak auto text is turned on.

Any productive feedback would be welcome. I hope people can please refrain from writing that they haven’t experienced the bug. If I can nail down what actually triggers this issue, I will update my feedback to Apple directly. Thanks very much.


Unfortunately not step by step instructions yet

But I'd like to ask a question to possibly rule out user-error causes. Are you a tutor asking on behalf of your client, or are you just speaking about yourself in the third person? :-)
If you are speaking on someone's behalf, have you actually made sure this in deed turns off by itself at random? I mean, have you witnessed it happen first hand, or have you actually tried it for yourself on their phone? Because, even though I know you don't want to hear responses like "this has not happened to me so far", I still can't help but say this does sound really strange and this is the first time I've ever heard of it over the entire like 7 years I've been using an iOS device and following Applevis.
If you were actually speaking for yourself, then I'm sorry for taking up your time.
And sorry I wasn't able to help, too.

Was on when I went to sleep, turned off when I woke up

Yes. Using iPhone myself. It’s a weird issue. And I usually have a nack for figuring out what triggers bugs. Unfortunately I can’t nail it down. It definitely turns off on its own. It’s definitely tied to iOS 13.

It’s no problem buddy. I thank you for the effort of replying.I turned it back on yesterday. Last time I used Speak auto text was last night when I sent a text. Just woke up and checked. It’s turned off.

Next time it happens submit a

Next time it happens submit a sis diagnose along with time stamp and bug report to accessibility@apple.com

I do not use speak auto correct text option so I will not be able to reproduce this issue. I just use the center of the predict strip for my guide as normally that is the one that's right