Spotify vs Apple Music which do you prefer and why?

Between #Spotify and #AppleMusic (I'm currently trying out Spotify's 7-day trial, and am thinking of trying out 3-months of Apple Music) which do you all prefer and why in terms of accessibility, and content? I was listening yesterday to Scott Davert's podcast on Apple Music from I think it was June/July of 2014 or so when AppleMusic was first launchedbut seems like Apple Music is a bit more confusing than Spotify! I haven't tried out Appple Music yet, but from Scott's experiences during the podcast, I'm kind of hesitant to do so. Appreciating your experiences before committing to either of these. I'd like for my music streaming service to be as accessible, but also as rich in content as possible.


RE: Spotify vs Apple Music which do you prefer and why?

I use and prefer both for different reasons.

Apple Music is my main source because I have incredible access to any type of music my heart desires. The monthly price is far outweighed by the value of how much music I have access to. The app has been improved sinced first introduced and I don't have any issues in navigation or management of the app. I just say get it.

As for Spotify, I don't pay for this one. However, it has one feature that I really like. In the Workout section, they have curated playlists and you can adjust the BPM on any given playlist. BPM adjustment is accomplished with ease. So although I don't pay for the app, there is enough different running playlists that it keeps me happy. I have tried many workout apps that indicate they have the ability to change the BPM, but when I tested them, it just wasn't available due to accessibility issues. Spotify accomplishes this with ease. The free version is enough for me.

Streaming Services

Hi Gerardo

I stream from Qobuz at a cost of £100 annually allowing up to three devices whereas with Apple Music, any additional device has to be registered to the same user.

Also, the French music site is considered to offer the best sound quality.

spotify not accessible

Spotify at least in my brief experience with it, wasn't very accssible )I had the free one.).

Vo. would be ok, but I'd have to ask sighted peers for help whenever I wanted to aff a song to my playlist! Half the time, it was faster to turn VO. off (which isn't an option for me) and have sihted help! I'd say go with Apple Music just for accessilibity, because you know ifit's apple anything, it's accessibility friendly. Honestly, just try the 3-month free trial and see if you like it.

I have used both and I

I have used both and I definitely give the edge to Spotify. I like the user generated playlists that are not really found on Apple Music. For example, I just started exploring cannabis culture and a couple of people have already created playlists of hundreds of songs so I can dive in and immediately be a part of it. If you want to hear your favorite songs all the time, then just transfer them to the iPhone and play them in the music app. Spotify offers variety and playlist creation by cultural enthusiasts. I use Spotify with voiceover and can add songs to my collection, like songs on the Spotify radio and create a playlist. Also, songs Siri identifies are automatically added to a Spotify playlist for listening in full later. I have not had any accessibility problems identified by the other person.

If someone wants to play the occasional song or album, you tube has many of them. This extensive music library is available free. Consumers have one free three month trial in a lifetime with Apple Music. Consider waiting until WWDC in a few weeks to see if Apple has any changes planned. You might want to wait for the big update before starting your free trial.

Re: Spotify not accessible

@dan, If it has been a while since you have tried Spotify, you could at least give it a shot and see. But again, it is true, WWDC is coming up quite soon. So it is up to you in the end what you choose to do. But I think either of them have their pros and cons depending on which music service you end up liking. So you could give both of them a shot, as Spotify has a free version, and Apple Music has the trial.

Actually I got Spotify

Actually I got Spotify yesterday and the app is extremely acesible; not sure why you say it's not.


If Spotify had a way for me to use it on both Mac and Windows accessibly, I'd be all over it.
Sometimes, I don't just want to listen on my mobile device. Everyone's praising the app, and that's great, but I still want to listen on my computer. I'm starting to enjoy my weekly Apple playlists, but it's just that, weekly. Spotify I think is getting daily ones, plus I can take my apple playlists and share them on my profile, and then you can all browse them. Plus it updates you when playlists you follow get updated. On a music streaming service, I live for the playlists, and I feel apple's 15-25 minute standards for playlists are too short. Also, Beats1 is dying, but I don't care about that as much as the fact that it sucks that I'm thinking about switching to Spotify after being a loyal AM user ever since launch.

spotify vs. AppleMusic

I find the music app in general a mess. flicking is sluggish. i don't flick or use swipe gestures a lot in general but sometimes when it loses focus it is handy to gack on track. spotify is less sluggish as the music app. pluse the fact that apple encrypts all your purchased music from the iTunes store with DRM, witch sucks


Hmmm. I may have to give Spotify premium another shot. It sounds pretty interesting again. I did not realize that Apple encrypts your music with DRM protection. That is not cool at all. At least some may not think so… LOL. Anyways, I wanted to mention another music service also, which I used to use. I don't know how accessible the iPhone app is as of late, but it may be worth checking out, if you really do not want to use Spotify, or Apple Music.

The music service I used to use is called Napster, But they used to be called Rhapsody. They used to be accessible when they were Rhapsody, But yeah. It may be worth looking into if you want to give it a shot.

both of them

I have both of them!
and they have pros and con !
let's talk about apple music first.

it has "for you" tab and it always recommend some music for me.
and I also can find some albums or play lists I like!
but, the thing is:
when I close the music app on the apps switcher. and 2 fingers doubble tab the screen it would not continue playing the albums/ play list that I was playing.
and in the brows tab. it need more improve!
but, the apple music is loading very quick and fast.
and the search tab is very clear .

and it share music to your friends is very strict forward as well.

2. spotify.
the best thing / features in spotify is when you close the app on the apps switcher. i and use 2 finger double tab it will continue playing the music that it was played.
and it has the gaming music that I like most.
but, the search tab is a bit confused I think.
and the other bad thing is:
when you playing a playlist or albums.
it doesn't show that "now playing " in the list.
you have to log screen and find it in there.

Spotify versus Apple Music's adding songs?

Thanks for all your suggestions so far! There's an issue that maybe I should have started another thread on, but because we're talking about funcionality/accessibility of these two music services, I thought I'd ask here, maybe helping in deciding: OK on Spotify, when wanting to add a song to a playlist or other, some songs weirdly don't have the Context menu! but somehow I don't know how I flick or what I do, that the songs that before didn't have a context menu, now do! Any ideas on this mystery?

Spotify's Quickly playing and interacting with music

Yesexactly that's how i've been doing the interacting with music: when themusic starts, I block the screen, and when wanting to move to the next/previous song, I unblock it, but speaking of which, is there a way via the Apple Earpods, using the controls, to previous/next song, pause etc? That'd be a bit more quicker I think!

spotify on the PC

To the person asking about accessibility on the computer of spotify, it actually has improved. I cannot speak for the mac side of things, but on my PC using JAWS18 I could play music, search, etc. The experience wasn't perfect, (tabbing through didn't always work), but with frame controls, arrows, etc, I was able to accomplish most tasks. And to that end, iTunes isn't exactly friendly at all times either with JAWS. So they both have their quirks to work around.

As for the original topic, I also have and use both services. I had planned to get rid of one, but I found playlists I already had on spotify that I didn't want to give up, yet I was enjoying on demand music from Apple on my Apple TV. I tend to like spotify's radio better than Apple's version of it. I also, like others have said, like the user generated playlists that you can find, whereas Apple only offers curated ones. I would just say, try them both and see what you like, or if you have the budget for it, get them both for long enough to truly delve into them and decide which one it is you prefer.

Happy music listening!

Haven't tried Spotify, but like Apple Music

Hi! I haven't tried Spotify, so I can't compare it with Apple Music, but I have used Apple Music since just after it was launched and I like it a lot. Even though the playlists on Apple Music are curated rather than user-driven, I enjoy listening to those and even discovering unfamiliar music through those: if I like anything on those playlists, or anywhere else in Apple Music, i know that I can buy it if I wish to do so. I personally still like to buy music, rather than just adding music to my library directly from Apple Music. Talking of which, I should point out that if you add songs to your library directly from Apple Music they are DRM protected and I gather you won't be able to play them if you leave Apple Music, whereas music you actually purchase from iTunes no longer has DRM. That is one of several reasons I still purchase from iTunes rather than just downloading music from Apple Music, so I won't lose music from my collection if I ever decide to leave Apple music, unlikely as that is right now. Also, for me, Apple Music is sometimes a try-before-I-buy place, where, if someone personally recommends an album or a song to me, I can listen to it on Apple Music to help me decide whether to purchase it, knowing that if it's available on Apple Music it will also be available on iTunes.

spotify discount


If you have a capital one credit card, they have a promo right now. If you charge your spotify account to your cap one credit card, they give you a 50 percent off discount. It’s good for a year.

HTH and good luck.


Is this only for new users? If not, it might almost be worth me cancelling and restarting it on my capital One card, which I'm already charging it to. If it's only for new users though, I'll have to leave well enough alone.

Another music service to consider

I noticed that this discussion comparing music services hasn't mentioned Amazon Unlimited. Amazon Prime subscribers get access to Prime music from Amazon, but Amazon also has Amazon Unlimited which offers a lot more music. The Amazon music app for iOS is perfectly accessible, and if you have an Amazon Alexa device, you can use Alexa to play your music similar to how Ciri works with Apple Music. I think Amazon offers a free trial of this service as well, so you can compare it with your other options.

well, if we're going there...

To that end, there is also Google Play, which took over Songza. I only have the free version of this one, but it seems to be accessible. And there is the new Pandora Premium, which is offering 30 day trials. It seems mostly accessible, but the layout could be more user friendly in my opinion, as it seems to sort things oddly and/or you have to do some drag and discover to find things as oppose to just flicking through items.

RE: Pandora Premium

Club AppleVis Member

Regarding Pandora, there apps seem to be completely or nearly completely accessible. However, I find that if I try to use their website, accessibility mostly goes right out the window. That's why I can't endorse this one. That's a shame, because in general I like the service. However, I'm curious. Does Pandora Premium allow you to play the songs you want or does it just cut out the ads? Thanks.


Since we are talking about music services, one not mentioned that is free is Jango. It is like Pandora without the commercials and it has unlimited skips. Its algorithm is not as good as Pandora’s though.

RE: Jango

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I haven't used this one in a while, but I recall it has very good accessibility.


To the person asking about Pandora Premium, here's the deal. Pandora Premium will let you play songs, artists, etc, much like spotify and Apple music and of course also removes ads. Pandora Plus, which cost less, is the one that only removes ads. Both allow some offline listening options too, of course premium allowing for more of them such as downloading like its competitors.

Hope that helps.

Cap One offer, thank you!

Just read the page. Looks like I'll magically just start getting money come back as credits, as I already pay for the service with my Cap One card. Thanks for the details! And, you're right, new customers get a trial period and then can take advantage of this year long savings. I like it!

Spotify VS Apple

If ever there was a good 'epic rap battle' (epic rap battles meant to be funny), Apple vs. Spotify is it.
I'm trying both paid services at the moment, and will drop one at the end of the month.Spotify Likes: 1. I find it totally accessible, as far as VO is concerned. 2. Both cost the same per month. 3. Spotify automatically plays the whole album. When the album is finished, music of the same basic genre continues. This is something you set up in your Spotify account settings.
Spotify Dislikes: Favorite songs can disappear without warning, and there's not a damn thing you can do to get them back. This doesn't happen often, but it does occur. For instance, I was listening to Hello Dolly starring Barbra Streisand. Michael Crawford was in the soundtrack album. The song "It Only Takes A Moment" a very romantic song, had me floating for months. Then, without warning, when I played "Hello Dolly", the whole album as usual, it wasn't there. All the notice said was, "Song unavailable, but you can start radio from this song". A 'got it' button was my only consolation. Why do my favorite songs disappear overnight? Don't know, don't care. Maybe someone from the celebrities' circle caught wind of the song being there; maybe Spotify hadn't paid their copyright fees that month. Don't know; don't care. All I know is my song is gone. Even when I start radio (called It Only Takes a Moment radio) the song is listed, but one gets the same answer.
There is a setting to turn off songs no longer available, but that's it.
2. When I swipe up, the page often doesn't change, leaving me at the bottom of a play list. The play button is too close to the mini-screen, where the 'now playing' info is. The workaround when the swipe function doesn't work is to open the 'now playing' screen, and use the 'next' button to get to the next track.
OK, now to Apple.
1. It's the same price as Spotify, once you've used up any further chances of a free trial. (I think Spotify's big free trial is seven days, or possibly a month; definitely not three months.)
1. I can't get iPhone to play a whole album no matter what i do.Artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence, hell. When I play a song from an album, Apple keeps playing it over and over again. When I ask SIRI to play the album, she never fails to get it wrong and offers me some crud I didn't want. This gets on my nerves, no end. Like, how many times do I have to say, "SIRI, play the whole album Hello Dolly" starring Barbra Streisand" She brings up Dolly Parton, she brings up Carol Channing or Bette Middler. She never fails to get it wrong. Really ticks me off.
Spotify doesn't do that. I've never run into that kind of hassle with Spotify.
So, Apple vs. Spotify: the big conflict boils down to this: Will I ever find that song again. With Apple, it's there, big as life. However, Apple can't play a whole album to save their soul, and SIRI is too stupid to understand a simple instruction.Like "Play the damn album already!"
Well, that's my Spotify vs. Apple I hope you got something out of it. I hope it helps you make a decision that you'll be happy with.

Spotify vs. Music

My thoughts, short and sweet:
Apple and Spotify: Both the same price. Both have genres and subgenres, recommendations personal to you (Spotify compiles such from your listening habits; Apple asks you to 'like 'love' your fave genres, artists and songs.
Spotify Over Apple: It automatically plays an album through. Just press play on the first song and it plays like a CD, or LP, if you remember those.
Apple Over Spotify: As far as I know, Apple doesn't just disappear songs you love, while Spotify does. For instance, "It Only Takes a Moment" from Hello Dolly, sung by Michael Crawford, was in my library forever. Then, one day it just wasn't available. The consolation is Spotify can compile a play list based on the song, but songs just keep disappearing. I haven't found this with Apple. At least, not yet. Apple either has a song or they don't, while Spotify is like, "Now you see it. Now you don't." No explanation. That really ticks me off. When I love a song, I do not appreciate it disappearing without a trace.
Spotify Over Apple: Spotify plays an album through. Apple does not. This really ticks me off. And SIRI is so stupid! I tell her to play the album Hello Dolly starring Barbra Streisand, and she throws up everything but: Hello Dolly with Carol Channing; Hello Dolly with Bette Middler: Dolly Parton. Man, does that tick me off!
Right now, I'm checking out both paid memberships. Spotify does have a free version, if you don't mind ads and listening to whatever they decide, like radio in the old days. And as I said, songs you may have downloaded and loved have a habit of disappearing, and the consolation prizes aren't always what I'd want.
Hope this helps.

Spotify vs Apple Music

Let me begin by saying that I haven't really used Spotify enough to compare it with Apple Music. I've been an Apple Music subscriber nearly since its launch. Here's why I've stayed with Apple Music:

They have a $99 annual subscription which gives me a couple of months free. Then, I watch for the 20% discount on iTunes gift cards. Since the Apple Music subscription can be paid out of one's gift card balance, I'm saving an additional 20% on the subscription by purchasing a gift card at the discount. Essentially, I get 12 months for $80.

But the feature I like best about Apple Music is that one can upload their own music so it can then be played anywhere that Apple Music can be played. Now that Alexa can play Apple Music on my Sonos speakers, this is a real advantage.

Regarding albums, I haven't really played around with either Siri or Alexa to play albums, although I know I have played albums from Apple Music, but I might have only done it manually from the app. Have you tried using the "album" keyword? e.g., "Play album {album title} by {artist}"
I just tried asking Alexa: "Play album In Concert by the Cowsills" and am happily listening to the Cowsills In Concert album as I type this.

Alternatively, (and I know this works) you could create a playlist containing the album and play that. I use both Siri and Alexa to play playlists all the time.

Now in fairness, I have a friend that prefers Spotify because it doesn't limit search results to 50 items. He likes a lot of obscure music and often doesn't find the track he wants in the first 50 results. He says he hasn't found a way with Apple Music to get more than 50 results. Personally, I haven't the patience to look through even 50 results, so this isn't a concern of mine.

Anyway, I hope this helps. Good luck with your decision.

RE: Spotify vs Apple Music

Hello Jeff. I, too, have been an Apple Music subscriber since its inception. I just wanted to tell you thank you for talking about the Apple Music annual subscription model. I didn't know this existed.


Never used Spotify, but I've

Never used Spotify, but I've had AM since launch. Back then, I chose it because it's an Apple service, and I knew it would be accessible. I hope the day comes when this doesn't have to be a concern when choosing a product/service. Anyway, I mostly play music via the music app instead of using Siri. Apple recently revamped the For You section, and it's a lot more organized, and works better with VO. It now offers you suggestions based on themes that update throughout the day. Yesterday morning I got one called sombre sunrise, which I found interesting. You also get recommendations based on artists and genres you like. I may have to spend more time loving and disliking songs to influence these now.

Spotify all the way

I love Spotify because while it's accessible on macOS, iTunes isn't the best on Windows. I live in Bootcamp most of the time now, and use Spotify in it. iTunes, nah.

Despite this, I do still have both. I've been paying for Apple Music since launch day and just can't bring myself to cancel at the moment.

How do you add music found by Siri to Spotify?

I use both Apple Music and Spotify. I have never seen a way to ask Siri to identify a song playing over loud speakers and then add that song to Spotify. I know how to add it to my Apple Music. How is this done for Spotify?

Apple Music Vs. Spotify

I have both Apple Music and Spotify Premium. They both cost $9.99 per month. At the moment, Hulu subscriptions are free with a Spotify Premium subscription. As far as accessibility, I find both apps very accessible. I like the search for Apple Music because you can search for song lyrics if you can't think of the name of a particular song. I can use the DJ Pro app on my Mac with Spotify. Apple Music for DJ Pro isn't an option. I like the way Apple Music works with Siri on my iPhone. I have both services on my Amazon Echo. So I make use of both for the moment.

Playing Albums on Apple Music works fine on iOS 12.2

Hi, I just told Siri "play the album Master of Puppets by Metallica", and it worked like a charm. Playing albums manually is simple enough, and telling Siri to play an album seems to work fine, too. Hope this helps.