Strange issue with Dice World

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Ever since I uncluttered the dash board area of dice world I seem to have run into a strange issue.

I have been at level 10 now for several days and my progress level is 100 percent.

Why isn't it going up to level 11?

Also I have the videos and stuff turned off in settings and I also got the non adds set up.

Is there a way to stop receiving videos and 10 gold games after I have finished my turn or are those games for 10 gold worth playing?

Hope someone can help.


From John.


Reaching out to the Developer

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Hello John,

Sounds like a good question for the developers behind the DiceWorld game. I would recommend in contacting them since I think they would be a better bet in resolving your question.

You can go to this site of DiceWorld and fill out the form to send them an email at


Try reaching out to them via Twitter at @Dice_World