Strange issue with Safari and Google search results on mac

Hello all,
I have been encountering a strange issue when doing google searches in safari on my mac. I am running macOS catalina 10.15.3. After doing the search I move to each result using headings. For some reason when I do this instead of reading me the heading it reads me the actual web address. It is only doing this on my mac in google searches. Headings work just fine in other websites. Also this does not happen on my windows machine. Anyone else seeing this?


google search

I'm not seeing this, how ever when i type in google searches i now get things from yahoo when i have my search engine set to google.

I found out the reason just

I found out the reason just few days before. Turn off «Mouse cursor follows VoiceOver cursor» (don’t really know how this is called in English) in VoiceOver Utility.

Same Problem

It's on google's end as they experiment with people's accounts. Mine seems to have gone back to normal but I had to log out of my google account for a time because it was sending me crackers. Try logging out of your google account and see if that fixes it. It's not a good solution as I'm sure you want to be logged in, but it should, at least, solve this issue.

isn't 10.15.3 still in beta?

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isn't 10.15.3 still in beta? if so, discussion of this beta is not allowed on AppleVis

As I mentioned, I don't think

As I mentioned, I don't think this is a Mac OS issue, rather it is a google issue which I have also experienced with official builds.


Yes it is still in beta.

And Google is playing with out minds. Time to find a better search engine.

Doesn't seem like changing the VO settings makes a difference

It does seem like changing VO settings isn't making any difference. Neither is logging out of Google.
I think like I was told on my forum about this about a day prior it's a google problem. I submitted a complaint about it, but whether google will fix this I have no idea.
I'd say like many have told me switch to a different search engine for the time being.

Seems to be fixed

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A nice Valentine's Day gift, apparently. I don't see the problem in Google search results anymore. Is it fixed for everyone, or am I just hallucinating?


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Yes, it looks to be fixed for me too. Thank goodness!

Thank God!

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Glad things have been fixed. I'll have to try when I'm near my mac. That just about drove me crazy!