suggestion for blindfold games

Hello all,
I have a suggestion for the blind fold games as it relates to the self voiceing. I was playing trivia match yesterday when a notification came in as the self voice was reading a question causing me to not hear the question as it ducked the volume of the game. I think that there should be a way in the settings where we can disable notifications while playing blindfold games or any self voiceing game for that matter. Not everyone would feel comfortable turning off voiceover.
Just a suggestion.


#1 solution

Turn "do not disturb" off before turning Voice-Over off if you play self voicing games. You won't get notifications interrupting game play.

#2 DO not Disturb

Do not disturb is not working for me, notifications still come through.
So I've just been turning WiFi off, ahahaha.
So, I guess either way would work.