A suspicion about the audio routing bug!

So the ios9 has been out for a while and we all know about the bug where in while you're on a facetime call it will break off sometimes, when you're wearing earbuds, and audio routing will be messed up in general. After talking to quite a few friends I think I know what the establishing factor is. If I could have everyone post the following things below i'd appreciate it. let's see if I can confirm my suspicion.
1. carier where you bought your phone (or store where you bought your phone)
2. country of origin of your phone (where you bought it)
3. iPhone model
4. do you have the audio routing bug or not?



  1. Tmobile
  2. from the carrier itself
  3. iphone 6 64 gig
  4. Only when call comes in. then I have to turn off and back on my headset if it is on.

I have an iPhone 6S Plus, 64

I have an iPhone 6S Plus, 64 GB from Tmobile. I bought it from TMobile rather than the apple store. I've noticed it primarily when trying to go through ringtones with my earpods in. I can listen to one ringtone, and then when trying to hear another, or change the alerts volume, I lose all sound from the headset and can only restore it by removing the headset. Plugging the headset back in usually doesn't fix it either. I have to completely close the sound settings to get headset working again.

My observation...


What do you suspect the problem is? I have an iPhone 6 purchased from the Apple store in Valencia, California. Here is what I think happened.

With iPhone 5 and 6, two types of Bluetooth is supported. The standard Bluetooth and a Low power Bluetooth spec 4.0. The low power BT is used by Made for iphone hearing aids. So when you look in Settings, Bluetooth, you will not find the hearing aids there. But if you go to settings, general, accessability then hearing aids, if you have a pair set up, you will see them there. This is part 1.

Part 2, with the made for iphone hearing aids, tones and alerts were not routing to the hearing aids. If the phone gave off an alert, the hearing aid user will never know. So to fix this, Apple reworked the sound routing starting with IOS 9. With IOS 9, tones and alerts now route to the hearing aids. I suspect this is where the problem lies. With my Made for iphone hearing aids, I rarely run into the sounds being played on my iphone speakers. VO and all sounds works fine. But if I turn off my hearing aids and use a standard, non low powered Bluetooth head set, I encounter the routing issue often.

Anyway, this is my observations and theory of why this occurs.


I don't have hearing aids

I don't have hearing aids and I have a stereo bluetooth headset. I run in to the bug when a call comes in. I can't flick to see who is calling me. You might be right but for those of us with out hearing aids maybe there's something else going on.


Using iPhone 6 120 ATT, USA, Chicago, I have this issue still with getting call or making calls. My Bluetooth disconnect and the cliks that normally makes when sliding goes away until I turn off and on voiceover. I have audio R in automatic like before. I also using iOS 9.0.2