Taptic time bug

Hello all,
I've encountered a bug with the Taptic time feature on my watch. Sometimes when I double Tap the display, it speaks and doesn't give me the vibrations. Has anyone else encountered this issue. Are there any workarounds or settings I should change?
Thank you for any suggestions!


Sounds to me …

This sounds to me like you might be tapping the screen when the Watch is already awake. My understanding is that this feature only works when the display is not on.

Thank yiu

That seems to be making it work better. :-)


As far as I know, I've only done this while the watch was asleep. It's possible I'm overlooking something though.

If you have raised to wake

If you have raised to wake on it's possible your watch could be waking up and not speaking when moving your arm.

No I don't

I don't have raise to wake on, but good looking out! Thanks :-)