Telegram accessibility solution found

Telegram app is not yet accessible. But finally I found a workaround.
Use an app called IM+ in iOS and sign in your telegram account. after that you will find telegram is accessible.
you can chat, read messages, and read channels messages.
I hope you find this post useful.
here is the link to the app


#1 Hello Mohammed

Hello Mohammed
It's strange . I didn't find telegram or facebook in the list of the applications which the app support !

#2 Awesome!

Club AppleVis Member

T£Thanks so much for sharing this. You‘re right: Telegram messages become readable thanks to this implementation.
Still it‘s frustrating that the original £Telegram App is inaccessible and, even worse, that the devs don‘t seem to care about this at all.

#3 telegram 5.0 now completely inaccessible

With older versions of telegram there was some limited accessibility. You could turn off voice over, guess & tap your way around the screen, turn voice over back on, & if you were lucky, you were in the right place to send a message. With version 5.0 even this limited accessibility is gone. So what is the next step. Perhaps a few dozen 1-star reviews would cause the developers to take notice. Let's think this through before taking any action.